Will TMRO Tech also include an occasional DIY for the makers among us?


I haven’t been able to do a lot of twiddling with tech myself lately, but I have a feeling the Tech show would tend to attract Makers and others who just love to geek out. Part of that is attempting to work with tech. Maybe once or twice a year it might be cool to bring somebody in who can introduce some DIY tech stuff.


I think Science should include this as well. There may even be a couple for space, but our format doesn’t really support it unless we make it a main topic.


Yes, I think both #science and #tech should have a DIY segment in the show. Although I’m hard tweaking science this next go-around so… it may not fit right now. But once we get the show format sorted I think we can squeeze it in such a way that it fits naturally.

Tech is an easy add I think. I like the idea.



Because today you do.


Love this idea … certainly with current micro-processors etc electronic/robotic projects are both easily accessable/affordable and expandable … perhaps once this is running a section on the web site showing the projects and what citizens have done to expand on projects.


Oh yeah. I like that idea. I love seeing how others are experimenting on an idea. Like these forums.