Why wasn't a Youtube feed for last week show?


Hello everyone,

I asked on Tmro twitter, but didn’t get any answer, so I try here.
Why wasn’t a Youtube feed during last week show? I never receive the notifications to watch live there. Are you dropping this solution or was it a mistake (from you or Youtube)?

This is because the tmro.tv live is not up very long, usually, the feed is down the day after, when on Youtube it’s available during some days. Due to my timezone, I have big troubles watching live, but love the mishaps and shenanigans happening live.

Thanks for reading and your answer, keep up the good work!


There was a YT feed and a twitch feed. You likely didn’t get a notification on YT because youtube has preferred to halfass features for close to a decade now because when you have the monopoly on something you really don’t need to worry about such pesky things as quality and the negative effects that content creators and content consumers may face from said halfassed features.

https://tmro.tv/live/ is always up. The start of the show is also almost always announced on tmro discord with a @here ping.


Thanks you for the answer WKD, but what I was saying is that trmo.tv don’t have the live feed the next day, and I only usually have time to watch the show the sunday night, when the live show is not up anymore, just the edited version of it… That’s why I look on Youtube, the live version is up longer.

Anyway, I hope I will have YT notification for the next shows!

Also, since I’m not english native, what is the meaning of halfass? Is that 50% of a person’s bottom?


Links to unedited recordings of the streams are available to patreons. Edited show is available for non patreons as soon as it’s edited and after dark is usually available for non patreons few weeks later. In this case the after dark was uploaded at the same time as the episode was:

11.42 tmro:space YouTube
11.42 after dark YouTube

To halfass something means to not do something properly, leaving it unfinished, semi-functional.