Why study something we can't see? #DarkMatter - Orbit 11.40


Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up over 80% of the universe and yet we still don’t fully understand what they actually are. We are joined by Sophia Nasr AKA @Astropartigirl to talk about why dark matter is important to physics.

Launch Minutes

  • Falcon 9 Launches SAOCOM 1A
  • Long March 2C Launches Yaogan 32
  • Crewed Soyuz suffers launch failure

Space News:

  • Hubble and Chandra vacation together
  • Air Force awards launch vehicle development contracts
  • Blackholes aren’t dark enough


Hi Ben. This is Ben. Unrelated topic. It’s difficult for your Patreon supporters to find their name on screen during the episodes. How about assigning a number to each donor when they make a donation? That way a user that is assigned number 26 this week can find her/his name easier. Just a thought.


…and/or perhaps publish each patreon level list somewhere on the tmro.tv site, so citizens can go there to look.


When the guest Sophia Nasr mentioned using hamsters in the classroom to help demonstrate topics, I immediately thought of this video that uses cats to demonstrate the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Thanks for a good show!


The system vto80 and myslef have inmind / have started coding will eventually lead to this. I have been away and then unwell placing my side of the coding on hold. I hope to be back to it soon.


just had a thought… since the omuamua asteroid is accelerating away from our solar system… it seem to me that it may sounds like a symptom of the Dark matter mystery “expanding universe”… is there a way to ask Sophia Nasr about this ?? eg if we assume that it is actually accelerating(and not an error in measurements), can Dark Matter explain it? ie is it dark matter interacting with it? is it dark matter or partly dark matter?