Where are you from?

Very random but on the last show I met another Bulgarian (I am Bulgarian as well) and he was geeky enough to point out that on the show us 2 made up 0.4% of the viewers whilst Bulgarians make up roughly 0.1% of the world population.
So, I figured we should just have a post here on the forum for nationality/country of residence so that you can also find a mate from your country that is excited about space and the future.
Everyone is welcome to comment below where they are from and to share with us an encounter with another space nerd or what not. Feel free to speak your mind.

P.S. All our American friends are also welcome to join the thread. Don’t be shy!


Zdravo! (I hope hello is similar in Bulgarian and Macedonian, otherwise you probably have no idea what I said…)

I am Australian with Macedonian parentage, and I lived in Sydney most of my life :slight_smile:


@MiniStoj That’s interesting. In fact, I am partially Nigerian myself but I grew up in Bulgaria.
And now I live in Germany. So, any Germans out there? (I love the interviews of Alexander Gerst who just recently came back from the ISS. I think it is so cool he sometimes does the same interviews twice - once in German and once in English without saying the exact same answers).
Macedonian and Bulgarian are pretty much the same so I got it. Zdravo! :wink:


I live in Germany too, but I was born in the UK.

Good idea for a topic : )

I am from Earth. More specifically from Czech republic. I grew up in Prague, but now i live in a village in other part of the country.


This. I want to introduce myself like this from now on!!!


Indeed most if not all of us are Earthlings.

Lines are drawn by the elite to divide us. The history of Africa has ample evidence of this.

I was born in Greenwich Village Manhattan but reside on the Pacific coast of Japan near Mount Fuji


I have always wanted to go to Japan! What an incredibly beautiful place to live! I hope when I visit we can do a TMRO meet-up.


I was born in the UK but my family moved to Australia when I was 5. I now live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
A great place to live for everything without being too busy!

Also great for astrophotography!


The beautiful Sunnie Coast! You’ve got Gilmour Space right in your backyard - do they offer tours or anything like that?

I believe they do. I’m planning on going down there sometime soon.
I’m hoping they’ll let me photograph their launches once they get their vehicles up and running :slight_smile:


If you do, bring alot of money cause its very expensive here :frowning:

and buy the shinkansen pass, its the best way to get around the country

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Greetings from near Bern, Switzerland…! :switzerland:

@donpaulo @Harry_Stranger I love your guys’ photos. It reminds me of the time I realised that not just my home country is beautiful, and that in fact, the Earth is beautiful. :wink:


Hello to Everybody. The geeky Bulgarian mentioned by christotaku is me :D. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I’m space nerd since I found my mother text book on astronomy. Cheers to everybody.


I guess I have some Macedonian linkage too, my grand grand parents were refugees. They run from the Turks in Sofia in 1903. So high five! :slight_smile:

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I’m from Canada :canada: . I split my time between Edmonton (ugh), and Vancouver (hurray!). My dream is to move to California, USA someday. If anyone lives on the West coast of Canada, I would love to make new friends in person! =)


I loved Vancouver when I lived there briefly in 2015.

I hope you make it out to California someday - lots of TMRO folk who’d be thrilled to hang out!

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Milky Way, Sol System, Earth, Europe, Berlin.

If anybody else is living aournd here, I wonder if it would be fun to gather to watch the show live? Share good monitor, food, beer & create some energy we could pump into the chat to support the show?