When space food goes bad


NASA sent me some space food a while back that I made a Space Pod on:

I still have the food two years on. Most of this food was destined for the ISS and had a shelf life of somewhere between 6 months to 1 year depending on the item. Here’s what happens past that time.

The strawberries are the worst. I think the seal on the bag got a hole in it and water seeped in. They look kinda slimy.

The muesli bar and crackers actually look fine.

I kinda almost want to open them up and taste them… does anyone think that is a good idea?


Proceed with caution but i have eaten ww2 rations and the like with no ill effect. I would definatly give the strawberries a skip.


Please don’t eat that… We’d like to keep you around, MiniStoj, at least until after you’ve helped solve the hypersleep problem.
However, this would be a perfect experiment for Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut. He probably eats this kind of crap all the time :joy:


When vacuum-sealed food ‘blows up’, it’s gone bad. Chances are, the strawberries have fermented, and what is blowing up the bag is belching yeast. I wouldn’t eat it.


Be a nice idea to have foods that simply evolve into something else edible over time. Space milk becomes cottage cheese, yogurt, and maybe even…space cheese! Ridiculous, but might actually work on some kinds of foods. They don’t SPOIL per se…they just get better with time!