What are TMRO Citizens interested in?


What are TMRO Citizens interested in?

Using a totally un-scientific method, today during a high-caffeine coffee break, I looked at the TMRO Community opening view and clicked on the “Views” menu to sort the entire forum by the number of views. Threads with the highest Citizen views have summary-topics of:

  • Mars
  • TMRO:Science
  • Models
  • Mars
  • Developers
  • BFR
  • TMRO:Science
  • The new Forum
  • Other ways to help
  • Mars plant growth
  • Space weather
  • Mars

The result: TMRO Citizens seem to be most interested in a) Mars, and b) TMRO:Science. Hmmm… Yep, that sounds about right. Good! OK, now back to work.

(yes, un-scientific analysis, but still interesting)



lol of course if thus gets enough views we will be more interested in what we are interested in rather than what we are interested in … get your head around that one :stuck_out_tongue: Like you said un-scientific but interesting. Its not surprising Mars and the Science show rate high … Mars as it seems to be the focus of a lot of research and development and the science show because its new and in development.


I suppose it could be argued that Mars is part of science so perhaps its also the relative “size” of the bucket

I post mostly on the science thread because I find so many scientific concepts very interesting and hope the show can talk with them. I loved the FMD talk with Valter Longo.

battery technology and its hopeful next breakthrough within a few years if not sooner has me very excited. Its like the old story about the horse dealers and buggy whip companies arguing how cars are bad for business. Batteries are a game changer ! They fall under science so I participate on that thread.

Mars or the moon are such awesome subjects but it seems there are quite a few folks already on top of the subject and happy to discuss/debate it so I’m more of a passive audience for that kind of thing.

Martian or Lunar farming is more appealing to me that getting there ie the rocket stuff, so its more of an eye candy por moi :open_mouth:




Hmmm…recursive self interest. I wonder if this is the same phenomena the ancients spoke of? Naval gazing.


Saudi camera on Chinese relay satellite