Welcome to the TMRO Discourse Forum


TMRO is a live, weekly show about exploration. This is the home for anyone interested in space, science and technology.

We’re always looking for new ways to interact with our amazing, opinionated and yet very well behaved community. While none of our other methods of communication are going away, I think we’ll likely solidify on three primary systems:

  • Discord for our real-time group chat
  • Discourse for a forum based chat
  • YouTube Comments for ideas and comments on specific episodes

Why not Reddit?
TMRO is a crowd funded show. We are able to be awesome because of people who help contribute. Since Discourse has Patreon integration it makes more sense to me to put our discussions here. That doesn’t mean we’ll get rid of Reddit, but I think I’ll be focusing more time here rather than on Reddit. It’s also a bit easier to find what you need here and will be truly customized to our topics.

OK, so now what?
Well, this is basically a really advanced and easy to use forum! Sign up with whatever service you want, log in and post away! Ask questions, post interesting info. Help others and be awesome! I’ll continue to work on integrating this system to our others so that you can get cool flairs when you help the show and whatnot. Have fun!