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[TamithaSkov] : “I think it depends upon what your definition of a GSM is. If you think its a Maunder minimum, I doubt the Sun’s field will weaken that much, at least not in our lifetimes. A Dalton minimum is more likely, which is pretty much what we are going through now. We already have a lot of evidence that solar cycle 25 is coming, with more and more scientists speculating that it could actually be a bit stronger than cycle 24 (the current cycle). So, that means sunspots and solar activity isnt going away any time soon. Now, could we possibly be in a long stretch of weakened solar activity compared to the last 50-100 years? Sure. We were in a “grand maximum” in the latter half of the 20th century and now it seems we are in a “grand minimum,” but that simply means a slight reduction in activity, it doesnt mean the Sun is going to close up shop and plunge us into a global ice age. Anyone who believes there is proof of this is deluding themselves. The solar activity timescale (the timescale over which the Sun changes) is so very slow compared to our modern ability to measure it, that we basically have statistics of 1 when it comes to having an historical perspective. No scientist worth their salt will say they can quantitatively assess what a GSM truly is and how dramatically it will affect us, without a lot more observation of these types of dips in activity. Outside of that, its all speculation. So dont get sucked into the You Tube fear mongering brigade. We might not have the most active cycles in the future, but we will still have plenty of activity. In fact, there are some scientific studies that indicate the largest of all solar events (e.g. super storms) occur during these weak cycles. To be honest, Im more concerned about the possibility of a really big solar storm in our future than I am the threat of a global ice age. Hope this helps.”




Hey! Possible good conditions this week. String up the HF antenna and plug in the radio.


yep sked list anyone?