Weekly Sun news and Space Weather forcast


Think we should have a thread for these… so…


I’ve watched these in the past, and always find myself attracted by the pace, the comfortable “weather forecast” similarities, the polished narration and the visual graphics.

Hey! Is the narrator a potential TMRO:Science guest? Something to consider.

…and I guess I won’t be using the old ham radio this weekend based on this forecast :slight_smile:


An informal Q&A.






Looks like I still won’t have much luck with ham radio for a while :astonished:

I still think this presenter would be a good guest for TMRO:Science (wait… the Sun is in Space, isn’t it?)


yeah im hoping by the time i have afford the parts and my icom is in the car and my uBitx is ready for some QRP on the hills the conditionbs will have improved for HF. Still there apears to have been some openings on 2mtrs but i haven’t got an antenna up for 2 atm :frowning:


@M0THM-Tim_McConnell I am actually thinking of that uBitx. Glancing at certain forums, it seems the Version 4 board might have some insects in it? Should I wait for V5?


I’m on a V3 Have it working on the bench with what it came with. For the price very impressed. Am now waiting for the release of the JackAl board which adds among other things DSP. I am going to build into a Peli case or similar with a Li-Ion battery system and raspberry Pi (for logging and data modes) to use as an all in one SOTA setup. They may not be the best performing radios in the world but for the price and fun factor cant beat it. It’s nice to have a reliable base with a good community to use as a start for a project.



https://youtu.be/QBi8BTK71Mk About radiation … on Earth and on Mars…



Also neat! I got a shout out from Jared on the show this week. Just FYI these aren’t me… not my videos… just someone I found on YouTube and thought the community would enjoy.


@FITorion yes, I heard that too during the episode. Good!




CubeSats for Amateur Radio