Ways to improve the TMRO:Science show



How about further explaining something from everyday life in simple science terms? Perhaps related to one of the news items? For example, this news segment is about how a computer chip can identify microbes living in your body. http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/07/chip-can-quickly-identify-microbes-living-your-body Well, after reporting on the story, the segment could be “What is a computer chip and how does it work”? Most people have computers, cameras, phones that use that tech, but don’t think much about it.

Yeah, it’s a little bit “Professor Proton”. But might help answer the “why should the audience care” question.
Some of the most compelling things that a science show can report on are things that the audience can relate to. Or that affect them directly.

Also, do you think that recording “Science” needs to happen directly after “TMRO”? If you’re going to add more shows eventually, they’re going to need to operate pseudo-independently, right? If left to their own devices, they might develop their own “flavour”, so to speak. Or do you want Science to be modeled directly on TMRO and use that template?


I like this as a concept.


I somewhat agree… if said “expert” could be someone involved in a current news item.

I think 2 segments would work… news and interview with someone involved with one of the news items… or at the very least a person knowledgeable on one of the news items. This would give each show a theme.

If you can’t get a guest to interview then have an all news show where the presenters research their news items a bit more so they can give a longer … more detailed and technical… presentation and engage with chat questions. If time is needed to look something up that is ok if you let someone else do their presentation while you look up an answer.


My humble 2 cents is to keep some “news” at a point in the show. The reasoning being that many of us are not plugged into the science news cycle and might have missed something compelling. I also “get it” that the issues are so compelling and cannot fit into the limited time slot for the show to sparkle and shine.

Maybe after hours ? Just a thought.

I am sure you’ll work everything out eventually.