User accounts on the TMRO chat


Alright guys. I know a lot of you have created accounts. Here is the problem I had a small expiration set on accounts. So quite a bit of you have “lost” your account. You may have been confused why the web chat didn’t ask for your password. This is the reason.

Please. If you have any problems and have forgotten your last password. Please email me with your usernick and if your emaill address on registration is different then the one emailing me from. I may ask you to open the chat so I can get a userhost if I can not confirm emails. I may accept other forms of confirmation of ownership over nicks if you have a twitter,discord,twitch username that matches the usernick you are trying to recover.

We went from a registered user count of 44 to 197. So, don’t be scared if it asks for your password and you haven’t been asked that in a while!