Updates to the Shows of TMRO

Hello Citizens of TMRO!

I wanted to update the community on some of the decisions we made during the last Supporting Citizens Hangout. We polled the community, went back and forth and I think came up with a lot of great stuff. If you would like to see that process in action and are a Supporting Citizen you can watch the livestream replay on either Patreon on Subscribestar. But here are the basics:

TMRO.Science is dead. Long live TMRO STEAM
We are still working out the logistics here, but TMRO.Science as we know it will be going away and will be replaced with TMRO STEAM. The general idea is the same, but we’ll be opening the show up to the whole of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math topics. Then as each topic gets its own community following we’ll look at splitting those out in to their own shows (if it ever gets to that.) This show is still finding its way, so please allow us some time to get our footing. It is also possible we’ll just kill this in favor of…

Letting Off STEAM (LOS)
One of the problems we faced when we moved from the 3 segment show format to the separated news and interview shows is that we lost a lot of that human touch and interactivity. I have been looking for a way to bring that back for a while and during the livestream a new show called ‘Letting Off STEAM’ which has an added acronym benefit of ‘LOS’ was born. This will be an unscheduled live stream that one of our hosts will run with each week. One LOS episode could be a live stream of people putting a LEGO lunar lander together. Another could be a different host just chatting with the community. Or maybe going out on the street and asking people basic science questions to see how much the general populace understands. The options are endless and the show time/format will be up to that weeks specific host.

I like this because it allows us to have shows at all hours of the day, and hosts from around the world. If you’re not in the US and have a hard time making the Saturday live show, hopefully you’ll be able to make at least one LOS show. I also like this because it will be directly community driven and super interactive. Exactly what the shows were lacking when we moved away from the 3 segment format.

That means we’ll now have 3 different types of shows: News, Interviews and Community. That flows really well for me, and I’m very open to new ideas for that new community show.

One final personal note
You may have noticed that I have not been on camera recently. This Supporting Citizen Hangout will likely be the last time you see me in front of the lens for quite a while. But I will be behind the camera running the shows and always working to improve them in any way possible. I’m not going anywhere, but I have made a personal decision to not appear on camera. This is in no way due to anything at CompanyX and everything is great in my life. I’m happy and healthy. I wanted to make sure people understood that I’m still around but won’t be showing up for personal reasons. That’s all I would like to say on this topic right now and do ask that we sorta leave it at this… But want to reiterate that everything is fine and the future is exciting!