ULA decides to block audio feed of its launches


An unfortunate decision made by ULA. Does anyone else have any clarification or reason? Translation: does this mean that ULA audio will be censored/blocked/stopped 2 hours before launch? :frowning_face:

Quote below from SpaceflightNow live coverage of the ULA Delta-4 Heavy launch today.


Sound like they want to add a delay in whatever feed they allow to be broadcast through their site so they can ensure no sensitive information gets broadcast to the world.

This doesn’t sound like a complete shut down of countdown audio… and does sound like a modicum of control being added.

I expect it’ll effect the small space news sites more than anything else because they don’t have the credentials of larger news sites to have direct lines to the public relations and info personnel at these companies. They were relying on this feed to glean the info that the larger sites can just ask for. So this will make their job a bit harder (For ULA launches)… But I don’t think it will matter all that much to enthusiasts like us wanting to watch the launch. I think the only difference we might notice is a lack of definite updates about the fueling process many hours prior to launch… and that’s only if you’re even paying attention so long before the launch and not simply tuning in for the last 5min…


Yes, I agree with @FITorion And… I switched from the live TMRO show to watch the ULA launch live, and must admit, I did not notice any lack of audio narration. Hmmm… so I wonder what all the fuss was?