Turns out we have a very soggy Solar System - Orbit 11.49


Former NASA Deputy Chief Technologist Jim Adams joins us for story time. We talk about the planetary status of Pluto, the Kármán line, how moist the solar system seems to be, microbial life on Mars and so much more!

Launch Minute
Everything scrubbed this week… But get ready for next week with SIX scheduled launches! Yikes!

Space News:

  • Welcome to Space, Spaceship 2
  • Cosmonauts perform Soyuz Surgery
  • Voyager 2 is interstellar


I imagine how cool it would be when in a couple of thousand years we find the remnants of those Voyagers…

But on the term ‘planet’, in the very core of it, a planet is basically anything which orbits a star. From greek it means a ‘wanderer’ - they chose that word as stars and constellations stay basically the same throughout time and it looks as if they don’t move at all. In a broader sense stars are also wanderers as they orbit the center of the galaxy, but still…


Full duration of “Soyuz surgery” video (all space walk time):
soyuz surgery
Could someone explain it to me please. How such a sample can explain an origin of the hole ? Isn’t better to analyze a high-quality photo (or video) taken prior to seal the hole with epoxy resin ? What they want to prove or disprove with that epoxy sample?
p.s. by the way translation in the video was not always accurate. I understand you probably don’t need to have synchronous translation but in such situation like this one… Better to avoid any misunderstandings. Especially in purpose of that mission.


Methane does not have an isotope it is a molecule CH4. But carbon has and hydrogen as well.
Hydrogen(1), deuterium (2) and tritium (3)(last one is radioactive, unstable)
Carbon(12), carbon(13) and carbon(14)(last one as well is radioactive, unstable)
So methane molecule can have these isotopes. And by measuring isotopes ratio in a molecule you can tell the age of it. Maybe it can tell you about biogenic or non biogenic origin as well. I can be wrong on the last statement.


When Jim Adams told about next goal (humans on mars). Going to mars as an earthlings without any relations with geopolitics and so on… it sounds great, it sounds right. But sadly we simply can’t. Not now, not in this century at least… But we must pursue for the realization of this dream. It’s essential for humanity.


Lets hope that we can ASAP perhaps with private companies providing the transport the option of multiple missions by multiple agencies will encourage a combing of efforts. I o wonder what limits will be placed on companies as to who they can fly by the relevant governments (SpaceX and Blue Origin with ITAR)


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