Transcribing and translating TMRO videos


Part of the goal of TMRO is to get the planet excited about exploring the cosmos. We have some simply amazing people on talking about their vision on the future… but only ever in English. Alas, the world doesn’t all speak English.

A while back we worked with 3PlayMedia to get all of our episodes transcribed and that data added back to YouTube. It helped, but this cost us around $200/ep which is a lot for a small show like us. I found that the Google auto-transcription was pretty close and just relied on that.

But the auto-transcription isn’t perfect and doesn’t understand technical terms. It also only transcribes in to English. What I would love to do is have the community help scrub through each auto-transcription and correct the errors, then people willing to help translate also post the shows in alternate languages.

Anyone up for helping to create these systems, policies, workflows and actually correct the bad transcriptions on the site? Not 100% sure the best way to do it, maybe post a Google Spreadsheet for each episode with the ability to edit? Open to ideas on how to execute and thoughts in general.