TMRO:Space Roundtable ideas for the future

Humans of TMRO - We love to bring you shows filled with fun and interesting guests, on topics that interest our Space community. But it’s nice from time to time to take a break from that. Also, we occasionally have a guest cancel, or a last minute change in schedule that leaves us cancelling the show.

If you’d rather that we, instead, host a roundtable show, we’d like to hear what you’d like to discuss with us. Community interaction during the live shows, is of course, the reason we do this live, so, tell us what you want to talk about!

In-orbit construction. O’Neill colonies. Mining asteroids and comets.


Thought stream:

Ways a regular human can touch (or directly use) space. Optical, radio, educational, etc

In-depth status updates of specific missions (past/present/future) or programs (countries/organizations) possibly focusing on emerging ones.

Discussion and analysis of conferences: SpaceUps, Yuri’s Nights and professional (around the world) such as that Global Space Conf in UAE.

How to use the Launch Library API.

More later… now typing on small device in area with little internet.

Yelp, always plan for and keep something sitting and ready to use in your back pocket for the times your money falls out of that worn hole in your front pocket. :grinning:

As someone who has thought about attending some of the big space conferences but who never has, it would be cool to learn a bit about the ones that are out there and what their audiences are. Also, SpaceUps sound cool…

I agree with @perry 's sentiment

Zero G Construction/Scientific techniques, Mining technology and I’d add detection of rogue asteroids on potential collision paths with our lovely planet.

I’m also very interested in Space Elevator & Space Tether business plans

Discuss future missions