TMRO: Space Guest Ideas


I’m sure this has already been thought of but I’d love to see Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut be a guest on the new format through all of the news topics, the next time he’s in the area of course!


Can TMRO reach out to DLR about an interview from someone on the EU:Cropis team? This is an Artificial Gravity experiment testing plant growth and Controlled Environment Agriculture at Moon and Mars gravity levels. It launched on Dec 3, 2018, and it sounds really interesting.

It has been very difficult to find solid information about what the mission timeline looks like. From piecing things together from a ton of different articles and some mediocre translations of German audio. My understanding is that they will start growing tomatoes under simulated moon gravity sometime in February, run it for 6 months, then switch to the Mars simulation. I’d really like to have a confirmed timeline, and, eventually, to see some footage of the crop growth. I’d like to have a run down of their sensor packages also. I know they’ve got 16 cameras and various sensors for elements in the nutrient solutions. It would make sense for them to have a radiation sensor also, but I can’t find anything about it. They mentioned something about maintaining a certain atmosphere mixture; I’d like to know what composition and pressure they’re using. Also, what sensors are they using to monitor the atmosphere and what level of CO2 are they using? The Vapor Pressure Deficit (or temperature and relative humidity) would be good to know also. Do they have any equipment for removing volatile organics like ethylene from the air? Furthermore, they’re doing something with algae and ammonium eating bacteria (urine recycling), and I’m sure that’d be good to hear about as well.

If you guys can manage to get an interview, I would very much appreciate it.




Is it time to bring on Mars One again?!



Mars One is bankrupt

Satellites - Snow in california,


This might be slightly off-topic, but I think you need to get Tim Dodd back on the show occasionally, even if it’s split-screen Skype with Mike. I love the videos that Tim has been putting out lately, and I think it would be fun to watch him in the round table discussions.


The Gateway Foundation has finally uploaded a new video on their Youtube channel where they are sharing with us some details on the Von Braun station that they are planning to build and its prospects. I think it would be very nice if in the upcoming months leading up to the Crew Dragon launch with astronauts on board you could once again have The Gateway Foundation on the show (would be lovely if also other people now working at The Gateway Foundation and Orbital Assembly join in the interview).

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