TMRO: Space Guest Ideas


Chuck your ideas for TMRO: Space guests down here!



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“Space Guest Ideas”
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“Science Guest” ideas

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Someone from ESA, maybe. You’ve had people from the Cassini and New Horizons missions… why not someone from the Rosetta team? Or perhaps someone who can talk about day-to-day operations at ESOC. Or heck, why not go for broke and invite Jan Wörner to plug his Moon Village ideas! =P As a bonus, he can not only talk about ESA, but also about DLR (the German space agency).

Same goes for other international space agencies. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone from the Hayabusa 2 team while the mission is still ongoing?


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Would love to see more international guests!
Speaking of which. I think Dr Stefania Soldini would be great to have on the show and talk about the Hayabusa2 mission.


Had a thought… You know some times like last week you dont have a guest…

Why not invite several Patrons to dial in as “holograms” during those round table sessions? Or standard “Friends” of the show?

BTW … The following is a Korean Gameshow… A bit like the up coming “The Masked Singer” was also a Korean show…
The reason I am attaching it is it shows several types of groups of “guests” and “Hosts” for the show. Maybe you can think about including some of these types in your show…

  1. The 3 guys on the right are the standard “Hosts” they introduce the guests and contestants, and guide the flow of the show.
  2. The 4 ladies are the “stars” guest in this case they are the Kpop Group called MAMAMOO
  3. The 3 Ladies “BIG MAMAMOO” are the contestants of the show. (Who may be tone deaf and may not be able to sing at all !)
  4. The group of 8-10 people on the left are celebrity guests, they are Comedians, Retired stars, Actors actress, Models etc etc… They give general views and opinions etc…
  5. The general audience.
    Anyway … Hope you enjoy this…

PS: Example of MAMAMOO’s Music video You may like to check them out. :slight_smile:


I imagine TMRO has already thought of this one. I will post it in this thread just to get it on the record.

A representative from any of the nine commercial companies announced this week would be a appropriate and timely interview for TMRO:Space. The nine companies that earned the right to bid on what are called Commercial Lunar Payload Services contracts are:

  • Astrobotic Technology Inc.: Pittsburgh
  • Deep Space Systems: Littleton, Colorado
  • Draper: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Firefly Aerospace Inc.: Cedar Park, Texas
  • Intuitive Machines LLC: Houston
  • Lockheed Martin Space: Littleton, Colorado
  • Masten Space Systems Inc.: Mojave, California
  • Moon Express: Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Orbit Beyond: Edison, New Jersey

One of many reference articles:


@Tobi_Foong, multiple holograms like “Weekly Space Hangout” sometimes uses.


UAE mars 2020 mission


Thinking about India and UAE… just imagine the un-tapped repository of space-geekery that TMRO could energize and engage. Yes! Find a way to bring them into the circle. One thought; it might not be too difficult to identify a candidate host/contributor from each location. I am sure there is lots to discuss from these emerging space powers, maybe even enough content for a semi-permanent-periodic show segment.

(On the other hand, I speak as if the TMRO-staff is not already busy and overloaded with day-jobs and other duties. I just have this future vision of TMRO reps scattered around the inner solar system, all feeding back into the weekly show. One early step might be to seek out seeds in targeted, emerging space countries like India and UAE, and infect them with the space-geek virus.)


50 years of JAXA


I just found an interesting video with a guy named Ryan Weed from a company named Positron Dynamics who wants to send satellites with antimatter propulsion to space. That’s a truly next generation concept, so I think he would be a great guest (even when the dideo is already 2 years old). As far as I know, you haven’t had him on the show so far(?) Check it out: YouTube


Is this a great time to mention I’m a guest speaker at the Global Space Conference in Abu Dhabi during March, where I’ll be speaking about TMRO and science communication? Woo hoo!


MOXIE experiment is an interesting thing, i.e. a first real ISRU plan to go to Mars. Michael Hecht or Donald Rapp would be excellent guests to talk about it.


What about south Korean vid chat?


Great! Good luck! Now you have my expectations up for a live mobile report during one of the TMRO live shows! :grinning:


Unfortunately the conference is scheduled outside of show hours, so no remote call-in from me. However, I could possibly call in while on the beach :wink:


NROL-71 launch is currently scheduled for Saturday 11:05 PST. It would be great to cover it live during the show. You don’t see Delta IV Heavy launch every day… Just saying ; )
(Though it will probably slip, these secret launches are fickle…)