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TMRO has been going for 10 years and we’ve had a LOT of guests and discussion topics during that time.

In fact, we’ve had so many that there’s even enough to fill in a spreadsheet!

Curious about who we’ve had on the show? Wonder what episode it was when regular guests such as Dave Masten, Will Pomerantz or Emory Stagmer first appeared? Want to see the very first occurrence of puglock?!

You can find it all in the awesome spreadsheet that Duta made, here:

BUT - the spreadsheet isn’t complete. That’s where the community comes in! It takes time to go through our Youtube archives and copy across the data. If you’d like to help us out, feel free to fill in any holes in our spreadsheet, or add notes if something really cool happened in that episode (like the first appearance of a minature Stoj)

It’s pretty neat to see how much we’ve covered over the years. Enjoy!

Digging through the TMRO geological strata

Totally needed. TMRO has so much history and content that an official historian/librarian may be necessary. Perhaps when I retire!


Blair Allen from NASA Edge

William Pomerantz Google Lunar X PRIZE

Tim Bailey International Space Development Conference 2009

Fernando De La Pena AEXA

Grant Atkinson, Director Chapter Affairs for SEDS-USA

Omega Envoy guest Jason Dunn

Michael Potter Director and Producer "Orphans of Apollo

David R. Haslam Author “The Twitter Workbook”

Michael Mealling & Others CFO Masten Space Systems

Sy Liebergot
Apollo 13 Electrical, Environmental and Consumables Manager

Michael Mealling CFO Masten Space Systems

Rick Hanton SEDS Skype SEDS Space Vision '09 Conference guest Rick Hanton

Robert Godwin Author “The NASA Mission Reports”
Honoring the Apollo 12 40th anniversary with Robert Godwin

Ted Spitzmiller Author "Astronautics 1 and 2

Lead FSW Engineer for NASA’s LCROSS program, Emory Stagmer

Douglas Mallette author of Turning Point

Author Pat Duggins his book “Trailblazing Mars: NASA’s Next Giant Leap”

LCROSS - Jim Munger, Craig Elder, Jose Cabinalla

William Pomerantz - X PRIZE Foundation

SpaceUp DC, PeteRiesett and Porkchop

Chaikin author of A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts

Author of “The Nuclear Rocket”, James Dewar

MoonBot challenger Team Tater Tot

“Moonrush” author Denis Wingo

Jeffrey Manber, author of “Selling Peace” the Russian Space Agency

John Powel who is the author of “Floating to Space”

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides Yuri’s Night

Ed Buckbee astronaut

Robert Pearlman of

Sean Herron LAUNCH: Water conference

Andy Cochrane of SpaceUp

Chris Radcliff of SpaceUp

Brad Cheetham of

Douglas Messier

Space Tweep Society founder @FlyingJenny

Jason Rhian and his wife Marisa ‘Countdown for the Cure’

Armadillo Aerospace John Carmack

Amateur Rocketeers

author Andrew Kessler about “Martian Summer”

Golden Spike Company

Chris Lewicki from Planetary Resources

Rick Boozer Author "The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé

Jeff Foust Editor The Space Revew

Chris Radcliff Founder SpaceUP Foundation
What will Martian habitats look like?

Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz CEO Ad Astra Rocket Company
The Propulsion of Tomorrow VASIMR

Dave Masten CTO Masten Space Systems In Studio Dave Masten and DARPA

Peter Beck CEO Rocket Labs The Electron Rocket

Tyler Reyno CEO Open Space Orbital Kickstarting a rocket company

PJ King COO Firefly Space Systems

Paul Muzzin and Matthew Cimone Documentarians Chasing Atlantis

Mads Wilson Copenhagen Suborbitals

Doug Messier & Ken Brown, and Emory Stagmer

David Iron Founder Lunar Missions Orion and Lunar Mission One

Bas Lansdorp Co-Founder & CEO Mars OneA fresh look at Mars One

Scott Manley Astronogamer Kerbal Space Program Entusiast

Bill Dunford Creator Riding with Robots

Leo Camacho and Nathan Wong Staff XPRIZE Foundation

Dr. Christopher J. Newman The Outer Space Treaty

Libby “Doodle” Norcross Space Educator Challenger Learning Center

William Pomerantz VP Special Projects Virgin Galactic

Samuel Coniglio COO Visionary of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

Chris Radcliff Founder SpaceUP Foundation

John Thornton CEO Astrobotics

Hannah Kerner Chair SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)

Chris Radcliff & Jesse Clark CEO & COO SpaceUP Foundatio Crowdfunding your next space project

Ryan Holmes and Issac Desouza Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Designer, and CTO SpaceVR

Dmitriy Tseliakhovich, Ph.D CEO/CTO Escape Dynamics Skype Escape Dynamics Ground Based Space Propulsion

Dave Masten CTO Masten Space Systems How Masten Space will get us to the Moon and Mars

Mads Wilson Copenhagen Suborbitals

William Pomerantz VP of Special Projects Virgin Galactic In Studio Cosmic Girl and LauncherOne

John Benac Managing Director

Dave Distler NSF Forums Moderator for EM Drive

Josh Richards Mars One Candidate

Allen Farrington, RIck McGee, John Van Norman, Greg Lyzenga
Rocketry Organization of Southern California (ROC)

Daniel Faber CEO DSI, New Worlds Conference

Dr. Barbara Cohen Project Leader NASA Marshall Lunar Flashlight

A.J. Piplica COO Generation Orbit

Mark Cusimano Founder Create your own Martian Garden

Declan Murphy Creator The beautiful data of rocket launches

Dave Masten CTO Masten Space Systems In Studio Masten Space Systems XS-1 and MXP-351

Emory Stagme r The Future of Small Sats

Jim Cantrell CEO Vector Space Systems Skype Vector Space Systems

Jeff Foust Senior Editor What will Trump’s Space Policy Look Like

John Powell Founder JPAerospace Skype Low Earth Orbit Airships

Justin Park President Intergalactic Education Space World Educational Game

Eric Reiners & Dr. Pelin Gultekin-Bicer
NASA Centennial 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

Fraser Cain Founder Universe Today Discovering our Universe

Dennis Wingo Founder and CEO Skycorp Inc Going back to the moon right this time

Jim Adams Former Deputy Chief Technologist of NASA Self Life at NASA

Dave Distler NSF Forums Moderator for EM Drive SelfThe impossible space thruster may be possible

Ralph Ewig CEO Audacy A Dial Tone in Space

Tory Bruno CEO United Launch Alliance
“It’s about the people…” An interview with Tory Bruno of ULA

Dr. Anita Sengupta Project Manager JPL Cold Atom Laboratory JPL is creating the coldest place in the known universe

José Mariano López-Urdiales CEO Zero 2 Infinity (OIIOO) Toroids are doughnuts

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides Co-Founder Yuri’s Night The World Space Party

George Whitesides CEO Virgin Galactic & Suborbital is just the first step

Natalya Bailey Founder & CEO Accion System The small Ion thruster that could change space travel

Lisa Tatge Spacecraft Operations Team for the Cassini Mission to Saturn

Thomas chainie who owns the moon?

The fit rocket scientist

Liam Kennedy ISS

Michael Mealing wayfareing foundation

Fight For Space director Paul Hildebrandt

Estevan Guzman one of the Astronomical Illustrator / Animators at Griffith Observatory

Marshall Culpepper the CEO & Co-founder of KubOS

Jim Cantrell, CEO of Vector Space Systems

CubeCab CEO Adrian Tym es small sat launcher1000 picosats with ThumbSat

Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta, NASA 2017 Solar Eclipse

Dwight Steven-Boniecki documentary “Searching for Skylab”

Bob Walker Zero G Corporation

Stewart Money “Here be Dragons: The Rise of SpaceX & the Journey to Mars”

Jerry Carr a Skylab Astronaut

LUNARES Mobile Research Station

John Amabile author “Changing the Worlds”

Diana Alsindy, Jocelyn Clancy, William Pomerantz, Becca Thoss - Brooke Owens Fellowship

Paul HildebrandtApollo 8 Documentary, “First to the Moon”

James Gilmour Australian Gilmour Space Technologies

Dr. Alan Stern - New Horizons spacecraft, Pluto

Max Haot of LAUNCHER

Dwight Steven-Boniecki Searching for Skylab

Dr Niamh Shaw theatre show Diary of a Martian Beekeeper

Dr. Chris McKay from NASA Ames Research Center

Paddy Neumamm, Chief Scientist and Founder of Neumann Space

Author Rod Pyle International Space Development Conference

Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola Space Nation

Tim Ellis, CEO of Relativity

Troy McCann of Moonshot Space

Martin Carey and Travis Holmes Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

Orion Span’s CEO Frank Bunger

Futurist Isaac Arthur

JPL Science System Engineer Kim Steadman

Dr. Charles Liu - the observable evolution of galaxies, quasar hunting

Jeffrey Ayers - Death Wish Coffee

John Blincow and Dr. Tom Spilker - the Gateway Foundation

JPL’s InSight Mission, Bruce Banerdt

Rocket Lab, Peter Beck

Chuck Ryan who built the shuttle simulator ‘Resolution’

Craig Elde SmallSat conference

James Burk Mars VR


Wow. This is super helpful, thank you!


Here is an afternoon-coffee-induced thought: Should an ongoing list like this actually be stewarded and accessible on instead of living as an isolated file?


I believe someone occasionally updates our Wikipedia page with updates about shows and subjects.


This is an awesome list, Roger!

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet with all of our links to all of our videos. Would you be interested in entering those links in it? If so, DM me an email address, and I can grant you access to the sheet.



¯_(ツ)_/¯ this is how Google likes it

Justin Kugler 3D Printing in micro gravity with Made In Space

Masten’s Lunar Ambitions

Craig Piggott from Halter Artificial Intelligence Controlled Cows

Ryan Olliges and Jaysen Harris Composite Materials with Space Division Inc

NanoRacks Mike Lewis

Astroscale, Chris Blackerby

Astronaut Nicole Stott dearmoon

Secure World Foundation Chris Johnson

Josh Rosenblatt Astro Live Experiences (ALE)

EDEN-ISS project scientist Paul Zaber

Sophia Nasr dark matter

Landing on Mars as we look back to the Moon - Conrad Pires from @picosatsystems

Valter Longo - How to eat your way to a longer life

Mat Kaplan the Planetary Society, LightSail