TMRO:Puppets videos


Wooly Benguin


And… sometimes you find fun things on the internet :smiley:



This could be a lot of fun. Work up some minute or two scenes, string the good ones together and on that week when the interview cancels, half the crew is sick and the others are burnt out from work, post the puppet episode. Space Mike could do launches with his puppet in a box and it can break down to Punch and Judy if he goes over a minute. The creativity of the TMRO crew and community continues to amaze.



Quite amazing, thank you to the makers!! Selfishly waiting for puppet of guest Emory Stagmer; that one should look fun


Edit… wait… on second thought, you might run out of wool making that one. :flushed:


There is a puppet Vax. He’s in the still pictures. He hasn’t been in a video yet and probably won’t be in the next one but I’ll get him in eventually.