TMRO inspiring Space


Hey Freda!

I also have my Foundation amateur radio license in Australia (call sign VK6FLMO). I gave that hobby up a while ago though, and I never tried receiving SSTV - awesome work!!!

I did a SpacePod on the ARISS program a couple years back too:




This might be of interest to you:


@Faulx, thanks for the tip. I do have an arduino board and a stepper motor, so maybe I could cobble something. Even though this suggests a different board, etc. either way, yes I agree this is a great project. I will dig more into this first, and possibly report back my progress. Alternate: a similar servo pointer to keep a small Yagi antenna pointed at a passing amateur radio satellite. Yikes, where is TMRO:Kits when we need it ? :sunglasses:


My plan for a while has been to build a very light weight antenna rotator elevator for small hand held (arrow type) antennas for portable use on my ex MOD portable poles … as with everything its just on the list of things to do … the plan was also to add magnetrometer, GPS and Barometer so it can self configure … i will now most likely use a ESP32 which can wifi or bluetooth to my phone to get updated KEPS and pass predictions … but first i have the ongoing hardware and coding project for my dad and the Patreon screens to finish for @Bencredible. I have at least now got a new desk sorted and am right this second bringing my desktop pc up to-date so coding by mid week i hope :slight_smile:


Here is something to check out that I will be doing as well:


Good for you, getting your development environment up to date is a big chore. It’s a lot easier to keep motivated if you can actually produce a tangible result.


Indeed … also dealing with a RAID Card failure … lucky all backed up just gotta wait for the new one to get here. Lots of grumbling on my account.


Inspired to use Amatuer Radio apps to track Crew Dragon as it zips toward splashdown this morning 20190308. Cloudy… impossible for a visual look.


I have acquired a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Yikes… now all I need is 38-hour days. I understand there are interesting Space applications for the Pi.


I can’t remember the show number and my google fu fails me at the moment but TMRO did do a show where they interviewed someone who used a Raspberry Pi that tracked when the ISS was overheard though i think it was the full fledged version. I don’t know if it can also be done on the zero which may IIRC be a bit cut down. But in my failed search i did find this link to a project on the site if you do find any of those 38-hour days :wink:

Edited to add

And of course 5 mins after posting i remember the right search terms

It was a show about

And was in TMRO 10.19 YouTube