Tmro:Coffee, a new mini show?


I love how animated and passionate Cariann is about coffee, how inclusive of people’s choices, how her knowledge causes puglock, made my lips moist from just the description of making coffee.

You never need to apologise about a coffee rant. I, and I hope others, were riveted. reminded me of the death wish episode(ok so there was an actual astronaut too, but coffee)!

My secret shame; I enjoy reheated instant Douwe Egberts on the George Forman at work.



Yeah i grew up on building sites, farms and camping … so instant how ever it comes for both tea and coffee kinder stick it in a cup add water milk and sugar. never know whats what to order in a coffee shop.

But indeed nobody should have to apologise for being passionate about something, or for sharing that passion. the only time i have a problem is when someone tries to force me to think their way (a vegan friend of mine comes to mind). If you have a passion/or decision great, want to talk about it great, want to force that same decision on others not so great. Just as this show aims to educate and debate on Space and Science so should be all subjects with everyone entitled to discuss and share their point of view and respect others :slight_smile: and as mentioned i think this is the only place on the internet i have found that … including a lot of the ham radio sites i frequent with people name calling over simple facts of physics its nuts.


That’s rule number 3, no wait 5. Arghhhhh
Argue the point not the person.

But I think they just worried about boring people in after dark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wonder how much experimentation is done on bencredable to keep him functional on no sleep, I expected show to be cancelled this week. Thank you for your dedication Ben.

Lol, funny you mention camping coffee; I use my windboiler camping stove as my cup. Instant is fine, but my real joy comes from an aeropress and rave coffee grind specially for it.

As for at coffee shop, I ask for black, add milk halfway through cup, sweet talk them to froth it after another 1/4th. 3 for 1 :flushed: and cheaper than a late on it’s own.

P.S. sorry for bad Monty Python quote.


Before we brought on Jared, Jade and Athena we may have needed to cancel the show. But with the new kids, they able able to keep the show running even when I’m not around. I think they do a magical job, with or without me.


The new TMRO:Coffee show, infusing caffeine jitters to all Citizens. :coffee:


I’m thinking TMRO After Dark may be more fun as TMRO:Coffee? After Dark is a holdover from when we did the show at night. Open to thoughts?


TMRO: Coffee Time featuring Cariann … ?


Would a name change cause a bit of bother with the after dark YouTube channel?
I don’t know how much work it takes to release after dark, with the new patron reward is it needed? Forget that as soon as I typed it I realised that would exclude non patrons. Not a good thing.
Talking of the new full unabridged live stream reward, it’s fantastic, let’s me watch full show as soon as I finish work.


I know we’ve mentioned introducing drinks back to After Dark, so maybe “Coffee” may be too restricting a name?


I agree. Should be more inclusive. . . Inclusivity - Streamable


One of these belongs here (or maybe in the show card):

Caffeine Molecule


Build a “10 Forward” on the TMRO stage with a coffee bar for After Dark. Cariann can be the Barista of TMRO and she can wear a Guinan costume Guinan | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia


Not sure if anyone’s caught it yet but I’ve worn a shirt with the caffeine molecule on it a few times in Orbit 11.


Hah, I had noticed that actually…
Personally I prefer this molecule:


TMRO: Sips, Science and Space.





Sorry Cariann, it was a half joke…


Make TMRO:Coffee on every second Saturday of the month as it’s own separate show to air at 20:00 UTC (like TMRO:Science) but you just go round all the Starbucks and other coffee shops in California. Call it TMRO:CaliforniaCoffeeWithCariann