TMRO Changes to News and Live Shows


Regarding the recent TMRO update video below. I thought I would post some thoughts and comments here.

Traffic and Weather:

  • Traffic: Sure, traffic includes Earth launches, but might also include arrivals and departures at almost any location (Moom, Mars, Asteroids, ISS, etc…)

  • I totally agree with breaking away from the 60-second confinement-box.

  • Weather: Partnering with Dr. Tamitha Skov! A excellent example of partnering with an external expert! Great! (is that enough exclamation marks?) This is a perfect strategy!

  • Weather focus on Space-based assets or on Earth-based operations? My vote is to focus on areas that have a higher chance of impacting the regular human, such as the power grid, amateur radio (ham radio), emergency operations, visible aurora, GPS-location, etc.

Live Show:

  • I agree with the direction being taken.

  • To strengthen the “live citizen collaboration” aspect of the live show, is there a way TMRO could experiment with accepting live video/audio/skype comments during the show from the community? Might require a call-screener role, or only available to a certain Patreon level. Just a thought, hmmm…

Extra thoughts:

  • There is still a good opportunity for TMRO to partner with other proven, third-party content deliverers (like Tamitha). Think of content partners in Europe, Asia, UAE (global space conf hint hint). Liven it up, keep it fresh and changing.

  • That’s an interesting view. Is that from the control board, back into the previous News Desk? (You know, your TMRO community is also interested in the behind-scenes, production tidbits like that). We need more views of Duta when he participates!


Loved this weeks News. The inclusion of Space weather fits really well. The graphics help give it a polish. This is a great start to a serious polished and informative program mid week. I believe this is a great way to cover all the bases with the live hangout at the weekend and polished news.


I agree with @M0THM-Tim_McConnell !
Space Weather with Dr. Tamitha Skov is a great addition! And, a great News segment. Find a good way to make it easier for people to find the News segment.


The idea to get people to join the live show through skype and such is a great one!


What could be better…? Sipping my morning coffee and watching TMRO Space News (traffic, weather and news). Now I’m energized to confront the rest of the day :smile:


It was actually our strategy document that helped me to see the path forward with news here. I can’t tell you how valuable to me that exercise was!


I hope this the right place to do my first post in the forum as it is about the show I see on twitter tonight’s live show at short notice has been cancelled but did not see it mentioned anywhere in the forum so just in case the team are to busy to share it here i thought I’d share it. Hope the team is all OK and it is not a bad emergency cancel.

“We unfortunately need to cancel our live show today. But our Space News will come out on Wednesday per usual! Enjoy your day and we’ll see everyone next week!”

referencing :-


Thank you SANEAlex, much appreciated by us non-tweeting fans.