TMRO Awards 2018 - Categories? Ideas?


Just caught up with 11.49, thanks Jared. So are we doing an award show / roundtable next week? I’d love to hear people’s ideas for categories and nominees. Also, what would you call a TMRO award? Like an Oscar but not. It would be good PR for the community if we actually sent out some (cheap but cheerful) trophies to the winners in the new year. Can we 3d print a tmro logo perhaps? Or engrave a block of glass with logo and winner? Anyway, over to you…


I’d call the awards the ‘Spires’ and have just the spires from the logo 3D printed as a trophy.

Country with most launches this year
Best launch of 2018
Community favorite guest of 2018
Funniest on-air moment of 2018

I think we’ll only get to do a limited number of categories this year as we’re pretty late to the game.

Maybe put one for voting on twitter, one on YouTube, one on discord, one on Facebook.

End the voting on Friday before the show.


Category ideas and suggestions:

  • Most Inspiring/Meaningful Individual Space Action (eg: talking “space” to a disadvantaged group/school/club, donating one’s time towards this cause, etc) (my 2 votes are SpaceMike and Yusaku Maezawa)
  • Most Inspiring Space Organization
  • Most Inspiring Space Event of 2018
  • Most Inspiring progress made by an emerging Space Country

The subtle hint here is to both compel, and to continue to look for ways that TMRO can inspire Space.

Awards ideas: A paper certificate to the winner, and a donation (in the name of the winner?) of a Space-related something (subscription, dvd, model, book, etc) to a disadvantaged club/organization/school/individual.


I prefer calling it a “Sagan”

but thats selfish right ?

I’m part of the generation that saw the show every week and he opened our eyes to the universe


I like the name the “Spires” because it an alliteration of inspire.


You would need the permission of the Sagan estate.


no harm in asking I suppose


An award that most inspires this: