TMRO at Global Space Congress in UAE


What a great way to wake up this morning; live tweets from TMRO’s Lisa at the Global Space Conference in UAE. Thank you @MiniStoj !!! We look forward to your results, and good luck with your upcoming presentation talk.



I had to slow down later in the day as my phone battery was getting low but I’m glad you enjoyed the tweets!



Spent some time today just sifting through some of the published presentations, photos and other information from the Global Space Congress in UAE.

Guess who I see at the Speed Networking / Speed Mentoring session!



Panel discussion at Global Space Congress with Ayesha AlMulla, Abby Dickes, Milos Doncic, Melissa Thorpe, Lisa Stojanovski Moderated by Sarah Cruddas.

Space and space science in the media

How does the art of communication contribute to increased public awareness and understanding of space and space science? How is science strategically marketed and communicated in order to gain public understanding and support? Should science be “tweetable”? What is the role of media in generating public support for space projects? How important is it to bring the public impact of science to the fore through media? The importance of role models and the role of the entertainment industry in promoting STEM.



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