Tmro App alpha Feedback


Hello my name is Julian and I am currently developing the official Tmro app.

This app will be a Hub for all cool thinks space and Tmro.
The app is currently in alpha.
And I would like to ask that if you have an Android phone, that you could maybe test the app.
And give feedback, in this post about the app.

At the bottom of the post you will find a link to a Google Drive folder where you will find 2 files.
1 file will be a doc file please read this file first if you are going to test the app.
The other file is a .apk file this is the latest version of the app.
If you open the Drive folder on an Android device you can download the app directly from the folder.
Your phone will probably ask permission for the download because your downloading a app outside of the app store, you should accept if you want to download the app.
If i have a new version of the app ready I will put it in this folder.

And thank you in advance for any feedback.

Google Drive folder link: Tmro App Alpha - Google Drive


Hi Julian,

I installed the app (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and gave it a quick once over. It works good and fast. I didn’t login via Google, as I don’t use those remote authentication services.

Thank you very much!


Hi Sven,

Nice to hear that it is running fast on your phone. If you have any suggestions or you find any unknown bugs please tell me and thank you for testing the app.


It would be nice if this forum (or whatever it’s called) could be included, in the fulness of time :wink:. What is the Google login for? That’s something I don’t get, yet.

Thank you


There I am, memory like a sieve…
It would be nice if the youtube videos could be send forward to the you tube app, so one can use the better controls there!

Thank you


The google login is needed so you can like the videos and comment on them in the app. And yes the community form will also be in the app. The goal is to put as much community interaction in the app as possible so that it wil become a real Hub for the community.

About the link to YouTube, I want to keep as much as possible in the app. So I don’t think I will add a link to the YouTube app but I will make the controls for the video player much better I was already planning on doing this.

And thank you for the feedback Sven.


Oh no, thank you Julian! I think this app will become very useful, so thank you for creating it!


Can you provide some screen shots of your TMRO app? I am pure iOS. If you would like please send to may personal email . Many thanks!


You can find the screenshots here: App Screenshots - Google Drive

I put them in a Drive folder so everyone can see them.


Thanks Jumaro, looks good. I think the news section should be news from TRMO, perhaps snippets


Yes I think that would be better to. But I need to talk about this with Ben because someone would need to update that news feed. Or I could autogenerat the news, something like a post when a new episode is posted with the title and the description. Also I could add all tmro tweets in this feed. Okay I will talk with Ben about this. Thank you for the feedback and the good idea Johnny.


I am in China. Due to the “Great Fire Wall” I can’t watch youtube, or use any of the SNS that TMRO uses.
I was excited about the app. I thought it might be something I could use. However, since the link is google drive I can’t go there. China blocks all things google.
Yes, I am aware I could get an illegal VPN. I may do that someday, but for now I am legit.
There aren’t even any email contacts for the crew. Who would need that when you can fb them right? people in CHINA that’s who. : )
Is there anyway I can get the app with out google?


Hi Wes, the current version of the app uses the YouTube API for the video so it will probably be blocked by the “Great Fire Wall” aswell. But I will talk to Ben about adding an option to watch the videos through something else than YouTube so you would be able to watch them within the “Great Fire Wall”.

Also if you want I could give you the app but currently it uses the existing channels that tmro uses like YouTube the tmro chat etc. The app is at the moment mainly just for putting all this thing’s in 1 convenient place.


If you ask nicely i couId give you access to my VPN hosted in Romainia … but I’m guessing from your first post there are legal problems with that in China as well :frowning: It’ll all change once we are using sat for out links more … unless China is going to make starlink filter/shutdown whilst over thier airspace. It’s such a shame that there are still places in the world without full freedom of speach … UK included with our govenment blocking torrent search sites and i expect other things. Yes downloading films etc violates copy right and therfore breaks the law but surely it is down to the individual and thier consience to make that descion not for the govement to force the non use upon us. Anyway was just pondering if the VPN is not paid (and its not a lot its on a debian VPS and a cheap providor) for by you but someone in a third country does that get around the issue?


Hello, thanks for the response. I miss my Tmro, but since I can’t watch it I haven’t been coming by here. Ummmm… Thanks, but if it won’t work than I guess there is no point. It would be cool if there was a type of embedded video that played anywhere.


Thanks for the offer. I am relishing the extra time I have to study language and play guitar with no yt or fb, so I don’t want a VPN now, but I really miss Tmro. I can’t even find good coverage of Chinese launches in China. That may be my fault. My internet prowess has been greatly diminished in this strange country. The internet here is slow and Bing is THE browser. It’s craziness I tell you.