TMRO and the Ultima Thule fly-by


Just starting to collect links and planning my day for the Ultima Thule flyby (you know: wake up… drink coffee… watch fly-by…)

Introduction clip for the Ultima Thule fly-by by LaunchPad Astronomy that includes a plug for TMRO!

Launchpad Astronomy planned 24-hour live stream

Johns Hopkins News, schedule and live stream info

Two questions:

  1. @SpaceMike is mentioned by name in the LaunchPad Astronomy Clip. Do we know of any other TMRO involvement?
  2. Where else can people go to discover, watch and participate? Links, sources, details?


only link I got is the main webpage

TMRO has a stream reminder set up on youtube for a stream [New Horizons #UltimaLive New Year’s Eve Event ]

Scheduled for 12/31/18, 9:00 AM (that’s Pacific time)

Found another link.


I’ve been asked to be on and said yes, just haven’t gotten a firm time yet.


NASA TV is up and running and will be covering the fly by also


I must admit, I was not aware of the planned TMRO live stream. Thank you @FITorion for that valuable tidbit!

Also, it is good to see that NASA TV will not be offline for this event. Thanks @Harry_Stranger

@jaredhead, if you hear any last-minute nuggets, please post :smile:



all the lovely people who are going to be around… I cannot miss this!!


There also seems to be a Reddit Live Thread for this event.
I have no idea what the Reddit Live Thread will convey, but I will glance at it during the day.


It’s started


TMRO + LaunchPad Astronomy + Deep Astronomy are currently delivering a fantastic, 24-hour, space-geek experience. Thank you! I love the triple-partnership with like-minded shows, and would love to see other partnerships like this in 2019.

Yep. I need more or bigger monitors :slight_smile:

And… six great space-communicators on at the same time! This is absolutely great! A meaningful way to end one year and begin another. TMRO has found the perfect recipe to inspire space.


And notice the TMRO Comment-Widget was used often during the show. This enabled great engaging of the live audience.


Make that seven! SpaceMike just joined.


And a constantly evolving series of great guests! Including Scott Manley.

Believe me, if you missed this live stream, you missed an impressive year-end event. Kind of like a 24-hour TMRO episode.


Emily Lakdawalla! Yep, I’ve seen her content and communications. What a great live-stream this is. Talk about my day being totally different than planned; I have been watching this stream since it started. Will it be recorded while I sleep so I can watch what I missed afterwards?


The audience-engagement is great. Some of my comments/questions have made it to the live stream.


Icing on the cake. Live mobile reporting by Christian Ready of Launch Pad Astronomy.

This is a great partnership between TMRO + Deep Astronomy + Launch Pad Astronomy.


If you missed it… you missed it. Happy New Year and many thanks to all who made this possible.


I thought it was suppose to be for 24 hours, not 12?


There was nothing to talk about everyone waiting for the Pictures and data to arrive and be processed.


Yep, my wording mistake. What my multi-hour-sleep-deprived brain intended to say was something more like:
If you missed this segment, you missed a great broadcast.