Timing bar on the bottom of the screen


Transitioning from a YouTube comment here. Idea is to burn a graphic on the bottom of the archived video which will have different color codes for each segment. Then you can simply move the play head to that area to jump straight to that part.

Advantage is that this technique should work on most on-demand players too. Disadvantage is that it may delay the release of the show a bit as we now need to get all timing data done while in the edit process and not after upload.

I think it is an interesting idea. Always wanted to make something like that work with a certain rocket company but was never able to execute. Would anyone get value from something like this, or do e prefer the work going in to rapid publishing over this instead?


My thought: Perhaps marginally convenient, but not in any way a priority. You probably don’t want to add effort on your part, just to make it easier for your audience to skip big portions of your delivery. :smile: I like it how it is.


why not just put a “graphic” while live so you don’t need to do any timing.

A lot of “News” type shows have a “banner” at the bottom showing what the topic is. You could “enhance” that by color coding your “Banner” to indicate which section it is. So no extra work post processing.


We could automate this in Caspar, right @Bencredible? Coming back from break it could bring up the correct lower third for that segment?

Although I’m not sure what value this adds when you can usually tell which segment we are in by the set/layout/number of people present.

Perhaps a better idea is to pin a comment at the top which outlines the timings of each segment. You wouldn’t have to action it until the upload is complete so no need to change your edit process. Community members usually post them on our videos anyway (if you’re looking for an example of what I mean)


So just for a visual reference… here’s a quick mock up of what this could look like. There could be more section breaks, the colors could be different, the font can change, the font color can change, the height can change (it’s probably about 9 pixels as seen here), and the sections can be made into embossed textures to match the show’s title banner (or any other texture shape you might enjoy).

I don’t think of this so much as allowing people to “skip” sections of the show, so much as allowing them to quickly navigate to that for which they are looking (handy, for instance, when showing a friend something cool about the show).


Finally had some time to make the program that automatically processes text into a timing bar. Here’s some prototype outputs… Thoughts?:

Set into the context of a show (ignore the episode name… I’m in the middle of an archive crawl and this was an easy screen grab):

In the above image pixel height of the bar is 15 pixels.
It’s hard to tell, but text that is too long gets squished on all sides (becoming smaller) till it fits.
The input text used to generate the bar was (typo and all):

00:01 Intro
01:59 Launchs
05:37 USGS Space Mining
13:22 Chinese Startups
19:49 Lunar Swirls
26:25 Interview: Mike Lewis, CTO of NanoRacks
1:04:47 Community Comments
1:16:24 Total


Seems too small to see … ?


Are these below any better? The idea in the end is that you’ll be looking at it in Full-screen 1080p. So for these here, you might have to Right Click -> “View image” so it’s not down-sampled by your browser.

On the other hand, you don’t really need to see the text to use the color difference to jump between sections. So, even if you’re not in fullscreen, it could still speed your navigation, especially if you’re familiar with how the show usually progresses.


I like this a lot! Thank you!

If the images can be generated automatically, which it looks like is possible, then all we’d have to do on our end is stick it on during editing post-show.

@Bencredible can we test this?


These were all generated automatically. Right now, you just have to put the timing numbers and section names like this…
01:59 Launchs
05:37 USGS Space Mining
13:22 Chinese Startups
…into a .txt file and the program will parse the numbers and words and display a preview bar in the window.

I still need to add user I/O to the program so you can tweak the height, colors, text color, ect while the program is running (right now I’m doing that in the code and recompiling each time). I plan also to add an “export” feature so that when you’ve finished futzing around with the look, the program will generate a .bmp for you to throw into Caspar. I assume Caspar will then let you play with opacity and further tweak the look. I’m not actually too familiar with Caspar, is there a better file format than bitmap I should save it as? Like maybe targa?

Also, if you give me a raw image of your TMRO display box (which you usually throw on screen towards the beginning of the show, but slightly transparent and with words in it), I can use that as a background texture for each of the section elements.

Also, If you’ve got a preferred font or a TMRO font, I can add that to the program as well (though It may take some time to dredge up the program that does that).