The new TMRO Letting off Steam (LOS) format

Based only on the prototype first show of this type:

The good

  • Fast paced.
  • The audience (the Community) is drawn in, and can actively participate live.
  • Definitely sets the stage for a multitude of LOS options that leverage international, topic-based, audience-contribution deliveries.
  • LOS could be a tasty spice added to the TMRO recipe; fun to eat, no after-effects, no gas, and no dishes to wash up.
  • I can think of several potential LOS topics that citizens/staff around the world could contribute (will post a list later).
  • Duta was included.
  • I did like the small discussion segment.

The bad

  • Only for this first case, there seemed a minor delay between the live video (on youtube) and the audience website, resulting in me missing the window to respond one or two times.
  • I went to / watch, and tried to login to the chat with my account. Didn’t work.
  • Heart rate got too high… had to take 10 deep breaths :slight_smile:

The ugly

  • I think LOS is a positive step.

Summary… an interesting and refreshing change. Full steam ahead!

All, please reply to this post and let TMRO know your own thoughts.

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I really enjoyed LOS, and am a fan of the idea.

I may have missed the live show (sleeping, damn Australia time zones) but I still enjoyed watching all the fun and knowing that the shows will be at different times means I’ll hopefully catch some live.

I thought the discussion was fun but as noted, oddly placed between games on this episode.

Looking forward to seeing what this turns into over time!

My only critique would be I missed seeing all of your faces. With a game like the one choose I am sure their were some glares between contestants missing for the audience. A PIP of some sort could have stricked a better balance.


To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect with that game, and I considered a bunch of quick switches, but that would have severely hampered my ability to involve myself in the game. So much of it was on screen, and also required concentration from me. If I’d have given it some more thought, I probably could have super-sourced it into the set, and set the cameras up a little differently to make things work a little better.

With my apologies, I’ll know better for next time.

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@duta It was definitely not meant to be a direct critique of you and your hard work. In theory this could happen with almost any LOS even the future iPads ones.

My critique for the hosts is that we are here to see you enjoying what you love and we probably want to see your faces 50%ish of the time. How can we actively reenforce that? Some ideas will be easier then others.

@GLTCprincess , your augment of not hosted webcasts of air planes taking off is no longer feasible. YouTube


A great way to avoid doing weekend chores! Live takeoff/landing and operations from Heathrow. :grinning: Thank you @DPodDolphin

Chores? Did someone say chores!?

I totally understand - I wasn’t taking it as a direct critique of my work, just letting you know where I was coming from. I totally agree, I want to show you the faces of everyone having a good time, and Letting Off STEAM, I was just underprepared for what we were doing, and how to execute in a manner that accomplished that.

Thanks for your input, and we’ll try to make things better, and as we find our legs, we’ll get to that balance eventually.

A thought about the LOS format…
I know this was only the prototype show, and the Quiplash hurricane might not have really allowed it, and that I should not worry too much, but future LOS might find ways to make stronger connections to the STEAM theme. Don’t misunderstand… I give the prototype LOS full marks for community-interaction, it was refreshing and it was fun!