The man behind Rocket Lab, Peter Beck - Orbit 11.30


Peter Beck joins Jared in studio to talk about how Rocket Lab came to be. We dive in to what it took to start the company, challenges they have had, what Rocket Lab is setting out to do and a whole lot more.

We opted to run the on-demand show in the order it aired, so news is after the interview this week.

Launch Minute:

  • Long March 3B Launches Beidou Satellites
  • Long March 4B Launches Gaofen 11
  • Nexo II Copenhagen Launch

Space News:

  • Rogue Planet Aurorae
  • Astronauts Assigned to First Commercial Crew Missions
  • Impact Rays Explained


Best episode in a while! Highlights Include:

  • Interview segment first (refreshing!)
  • Great interview, both host and guest (especially story about using Humanity Star to inspire).
  • Launch minute (fantastic! I can imagine some launches requiring more time).

Great job to all!


I enjoyed Jared’s interview. Fantastic to have someone asking the perfect questions to such a smart guest. Congratulations from Santiago, Chile.


That comment about the crewed Soyuz being unsafe… ouch. I’m glad you guys didn’t buy that obvious nonsense :slight_smile:

For the record: the Soyuz-FG variant, which is the only one rated for carrying crew, is the single most reliable orbital launch system currently active, across all size classes, worldwide. Has been for years, too. Yes, I’m keeping a tally, 'cause I’m a neeeerrrrrrd. But at least I’m only a nerd, and not someone basing their entire argument on something they have not even bothered to fact-check :wink:

In regards to the show itself, I’m not sure how I feel about the interview segment being first… but I do like the Launch Minute thing. SpaceMike must have practised a lot to pull that off!


I was late to the party, but not too late to hear Peter’s preference for robots in space over humans. I found this interesting to say the least, and a bit taken aback! All-in-all he is right. We humans are extremely fragile and high maintenance. Because of this I think we need to utilize robotics, AI, and telepresence to the max. I am not saying no humans. I am saying let our tools (robotics, AI, telepresence) build our habitats before our arrival. That way we can have a relatively safe place in space from which we can survive and thrive, and then expand further out into our destiny.


Finally got to sit down and watch the latest episode. And in reference to the sci-fi naming of things comment, that was a Shortfall of Gravitas.