The list of apocalyptic scenarios has shrunk


At first I wish to apology for the bored topic but at the end i’ll promise to give an optimistic view. So lets start with an old good cliché “Why dinosaurs extinct, because they did not have a space program” And that’s right. That’s why they are standing just in museums nowadays. And i don’t want to argue bout space program necessity. Lets just focus on more serious problems (one of many) which we have here on Earth. Supervulcano. Until now it was one of an unsolvable apocalyptic scenario. Glad to know it’s no longer in the list at least in theory.

As always NASA has a plan :smiley:
supervolcano as a power plant


Other supervolcano


My California geography is extremely sketchy but isn’t that star out in the middle of nowhere like desert


That star on the map places it in the White Mountains [camped there before, gorgeous place], which is a bit southeast of where it should be.