The innovations delivered by the SmallSat market


An interesting article-comment just passed my eyes. Link to article on ArsTechnica: Relativity Space to launch from historic Florida site | Ars Technica
Scroll to the article-comments, and you see one commenter listed the “unique selling point” (copied below) that various smallsat companies hope will differentiate them from the rest of the market. Now, for possible discussion here on TMRO; My thought is that each of these innovations is probably worthy of further investigation, analysis, discussion or presentation by the TMRO community or maybe even inclusion in a show or podcast. Either way, it looks like there is lots of innovation and new methods happening out there. And, who from this list will make it to space in 2019? Are there other players in this market?


Virgin Galactic - air launch … isn’t Orbital already doing that with the Pegasus?

Stratolaunch Systems - the next Spruce Goose?