The Famous TMRO Set Building Timelapse


We talked about it earlier today in our Patron Hangout, so here’s a reminder that we made a timelapse of the build of the TMRO Studio set. The set build took from September 2016 to March 2017, with most of it happening December 2016 to January 2017.

The infamous “MDF Fog” begins at about 20 seconds in.


Wow, I’ve heard about MDF but this looks really like a fog machine…


It really is. It’s a terrible material to work with, but there are a very small number of really good advantages that it has that made it the material of Tmro. I hated the gross dust freaking everywhere.


You should have added a big pile of glitter on top of it :joy:


The glitterazi were’nt a normal part of the show at the time, and I live with, love, and try really hard not to offend someone who despises glitter with everything in her.

So… no.


@duta stupid question: can you use water to keep the dust a little bit in check?

Thank you


Noooo. Water is the enemy of any kind of manufactured wood. There are a number of things that you can use water for in relation to wood, like repairing dings and scratches, etc., but manufactured wood like plywood and MDF, the water actually breaks down the binder that keeps the dust or the wood layers together.


@duta as I said, a stupid question :wink:
Thank you


Nah. Not stupid. It was knowledge you didn’t have. And now you do. :wink:


Yep MDF the wood of SATAN till you need it then masks extractors and lots of showers that dust get in places you didn’t know exsisted :stuck_out_tongue:


Duta and Jared could start a construction company that makes interiors of homes into “spaceships”. When I retire may very well hire you to do that!

Or at least a man cave …


Cool time-lapse nice to see how you guys built the set. :smiley:


I was having trouble spotting the MDF cloud… so I slowed the video way down and screencaped it… in case others are also having trouble.