The children of the stars. Do we have a chance


That’s great :slight_smile:


If these do accumulate it could definitely be bad. I have good reason to think that it’s a solvable problem however. There’s a pretty complicated toxin created by mesquite trees in America, called aflatoxin. It’s very similar in structure to steroid type hormones, often seen in contraceptives.

But if you grow Mushrooms in freshly dried mesquite pods (very high concentration of aflatoxin), the mushroom is capable of breaking down and completely detoxifying the aflatoxin and even the lignin of the tree. Lignin is one of the most crosslinked and least digestible plant polymers, yet still it is consumed.

If we can integrate a scavenger type fungus into our water processing infrastructure, I think all of these waste products could be removed in a single step… and we’d get mushrooms to eat!


It should be patented. Just kidding :slight_smile: An excellent example how to solve a problem. So it’s just an ability to find a solution. I’m lack that one. And I thought that way:
after all Earth are closed system. So it’s just a matter of time where we will find ourselves in an “unlucky position”. Some people unable to understand that fact some do it for purpose…
It’s a simple math and logic. If we (“critical mass” of population) will not start to behave responsibly. Then the “Great Filter” is ahead of as. And we are one of the many species (civilization) which fade away “pretty soon”.
But hope is still there. At least some people can find a solution :smile: