Thank God for planet Earth... #TheGratitudeJournal


As suggested in Orbit 11.49, let us give some words of appreciation for our lovely planet Earth. Let us point out things which we love about our planet - from its magnetosphere, through the tides and the stable orbit, aminoacids, the oxygen, the mass extinction of the dinosaurs :smiley: @jaredhead ! You can thank God, the universe, the cyanobacteria, whatever you want…

I am thankful for our natural resources, for that hell of a core (as hot as 5,430 °C or 9,800 °F) that the Earth has which we do not even understand. Believe it or not, I am also thankful for the volcanoes and the earthquakes and on a broader scale for all that complex geological activity that makes the Earth what it is, gives it its amazing surface, brings the diamonds (and other amazing stuff which usually form way deeper than our drills can reach) to a depth suitable for us to mine. Indeed, without our natural resources we probably never would have left the caves.


Love the idea … can’t get Monty Python out of my head … What has the Earth ever done for us Reg?

I think it is amazing just how resilient our planet is … when you look at the abuse we through at it; The fact it for the most parts has coped is amazing … and if we continue to do so we will be our own extinction but once we are gone Earth and life will recover just as it did when the Dinosaurs demise came about.


I am thankful the answer to the Drake Equation is at least one.