TARS Profile Image


Submit your suggestions/creations for the profile image for TARS. We will all vote on what should be used in a couple weeks. <3


@Colten45, sorry, my brain froze. What is TARS?


Hi Freda TARS in the Tmro sense is the chatroom bot/waldo that tells acronyms etc

But is i think based upon the fictional robot from interstellar

Personally i think a pic based on its namesake would not be bad but i am not sure about copyright on that subject whether it would come under fair use.


Ah… yes… a small nocturnal creature that feeds on the acronym waste left behind by human overlords, and spits out words. Like a sentient cockroach. Does it live on Reddit, TMRO-Community or elsewhere?


It lives in the tmro chat, twitch chat and soon to be discord and youtube then onwards to more.


Also, just in tmro chat for now. It handles some basic moderation. So, it is ninja cockroach too


It started out named as “Bens-AutoKiller” Then changed to “SpaceKickCast” and when TMRO became. It became TARS “TMRO’s Automated Response System”


As a test, I went to chat.tmro.tv, entered a citizen name (Freda) and typed a post containing acronyms. I don’t know what I expected, but I did not seem to notice any de-acronyming going on. After about 30 minutes, I went back to chat.tmro.tv, and even my post with acronyms was gone. I must be missing something.


TARS doesn’t quite work like that. It would be flooding the chat during a show. Instead. You type “!acronym” and it will return all of the data it has on that acronym.

EDIT: Also. chat.tmro.tv is about to be taken offline and the new server setup soon.