Surprise community hangout

Howdi ya’ll

Got up this Monday morning and saw the hangout video. It was great to see the studio, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

I have a few topics I want to talk about but first Jami is kicking Ben’s ass. I took a little break from the show because I felt that it had lost some of its spontaneity. Its not a criticism, different strokes for different folks and all. I kind of preferred hearing from a multitude of voices, but I am digressing. Anyway I saw this “new” person on the show and was like who the f&*^ is that ? Cariann’s brother ? Bens brother. LOL. Dude Jami you look great. Glad you started the fasting process ! I understand there is an awkward stage but you seem much happier and it shows. At least I noticed it.

I had suggested to get Dr Longo on the show and it looks as if Jami has taken it to heart. Eating healthy is not an easy thing to do, most might feel they are doing nutrition “right” but sadly are mistaken. The general rule I try to follow is if the food is cheap then its essentially poison. Don’t eat it. Sweets, snacks, salty stuff. Its really hard to do because its everywhere and they really know how to market that stuff, especially to busy folks. Slow food rocks, just make a whole bunch of it. We cook 5+ liters of homemade tomato sauce and freeze the remainder. Not sure what to eat ? bam, sauce to the rescue. Try it with soba as long as its 100% buckwheat. Many producers use wheat filler so read the labels.

Cariann are you following us ? You’ll not only look better but feel great too. You mentioned the “chin” thing, trust me when I say that will probably be the first thing you lose once the fasting, exercise and healthy eating kick in. It will take a few months but wow does it work ! I had a little 2nd chin of my own for awhile and recently after talking with my sister back in Manhattan she said “hey where is your chin ?” you look like you lost weight. Chica ! get with the program and with Jami already onboard its should be a piece of tofu. Going meatless is a great idea too.

Ok on to specifics about the show.
I REALLY enjoyed this talk. I’m sad I missed it live but one can’t always have our beans and eat it too. Your enthusiasm and candor projected so wonderfully. This is why I started watching the show. Thank you so much for posting this “episode”. The manner in which you handled talking about the other show participants was so supportive and inclusive. A real breath of fresh air.

Regarding the planet bubbling, its so dry in SoCal that its no surprise you are having that problem. Most house painters use a “sealer” but if the wall itself is porous then you are outta luck. Green screen is probably the way to go. An alternative would be to print it on some signage material and then hang it. Since its printed directly onto the board or plastic sheet you won’t have the bubbling problem.

Please please please have a show like this on a somewhat regular basis. Yes I know how you feel Jami, so invite another guest to hang out with Cariann on camera and you can pipe up from the other side. Yes I know Lisa ain’t around, but I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding someone to smile on camera.

I didn’t even know about the train. So your solution is doing the trick.

If I still lived in NoCal I would have come by for a visit by now. Thanks again for inviting everyone to “come on down”.

About the mono err coughing remember to NEVER touch your face. Its surprising how often we unconsciously touch it. Los manos son muy sucio !
Sometimes there is nothing we can do, but after living in East Asia for almost 2 decades which is has a very high population density with lots of “coughing”, I haven’t been sick in 2 years now. (knock on wood) Eating right, exercise, never touching my face and defaulting to washing hands first thing when I come home.

All the best to you both