Suggestion: New User Introduction Area!


I suggest a welcome new citizens area to promote community growth.

I’ve been watching Tmro since the Spacevidcast days (since at least Season 5 in 2012, if not earlier), but never was able to participate much in the community as I was busy with university, so I watched VODs instead of live.

I would like to become a bigger part of the community now, so I was looking up where other Tmro citizens are from. In doing so, I wondered if there is a “Introduce Yourself” section. Unless I can’t find it (in which case better visibility is important), I suggest creating a location for new citizens to introduce themselves and be welcomed by other Tmro citizens. The location should be stickied in order for citizens to easily return to so that they can welcome - and potentially meet up - with new Tmro citizens.

There are many reasons why I feel this is important. One of the biggest is from personal experience. Up until graduating high school, community was easy to find - whether it be sports, academic, etc. - due to the structured nature of group experiences set up for young people. After high school, I found it much more difficult to find like-minded people. I love the community of Tmro for all the wonderful space and science sharing it provides, however I find I’m equally attracted to the sense of community it creates, both between the citizens and the content creators, as well as the opportunity it provides in meeting like-minded citizens. By creating a centralised location to introduce ourselves, I feel Tmro can further help build an even stronger community by helping nurture many a new friendship.

Potential Flaws:
My suggestion is partially redundant due to user profile page customisation already providing the functionality of being able to share who you are, and where you are from, to the world. However, it is tedious to manually view each individual’s profile, not to mention the fact that many new citizens may go missed until they become a reoccurring contributor to forum posts, live show comments, VOD comments, etc.