Starship renders



this is beyond beautiful :star_struck:


Did you do them ? They are very nice :slight_smile:


Nope not mine, just some New Zealand fanboys on instagram.

I imaged some mars dust devils this week. jpl machine learning beta testing.

And I practiced by chinese!


Why are you looking at the devils ?


This week Musk said ai was going to take over mars.
One of the possible things is a satellite which takes thousands of photos :camera: and works out changes from last time it flew over. This would allow it to send back less data on the deep space network. (Goldstone,Cambera,Madrid) And NASA could publish “this week on mars.” So ai needs to learn to analyse photo images including dust-devils, volcanos. :volcano::cyclone::snowflake::first_quarter_moon_with_face:

JPL: 23 million images of mars


Elon Musk posted these



T-shirt :tshirt:


Hope one day I can be able to make such nice renders :slight_smile:



Triple thrust bfr?