SpaceUP Orange County


We are about 2 weeks away from having the TMRO Studios fairly cleaned up. That means we may be able to host a SpaceUP Orange County if people are interested. There are 4 main rooms, the studio space (largest of all the rooms), the control room, the green room and edit bay. The edit bay may not be super viable as it has a bunch of rack in it, but we might be able to do something clever there.

Wanted to gauge peoples interest. If we were to host a SpaceUP Orange County how many would like to attend? What would you like to see out of it?


Don’t forget the stairwell!

I’d attend. I’m keen to get all the interesting spacey people in LA-ish area all together.

But, what would be really neat is a way for the ideas generated during the Space Up to be recorded in some way - maybe G docs or something - so that there is an ‘ideas archive’, possibly as a motivation for people to act or follow up on those neat ideas.

Also (if we have the resources) can we bring in the online community somehow? Maybe a moderator in each room with access to our chat. We can break the chat into 4 rooms to match the 4 breakout spaces in the studio.

Maybe I’m torn between having a small intimate local event where the focus is on the people in the room, and a more interactivey/online SpaceUp where the location just happens to be in our studio and we can engage people that simply can’t make it to that location.

Or maybe I’m just greedy and want a mix of both ha!


What about a TMRO Yuri’s Night …?


We are so close to the main Yuris Light LA – I’m not sure what we would be adding there.


copy that, over and out … and all that


Perhaps near the time of Yuri’s Night LA host a Virtual Yuri’s night … A Pateron type hangout open to all?