SpaceMike is excited about the new Forum


Hello Citizens of TMRO :rocket:

We now have our own Forum!!!

What do you think of the name TMRO Discourse?

Hopefully this can be an organized place for us to share and discuss interesting stories, collaborate on topics, get valuable information from each other, and have some fun in the most internet-y way.

This week I’m going to be at SpaceFest 2018 for the premiere of Dwight’s “Searching for Skylab” documentary. But at Duta’s suggestion, I was thinking about a mid year launch report of all the stats and figures so far this year regarding orbital launches divided by country.

Anyway I can’t wait for more citizens to join the forum!



Well, to be fair I’m still testing the system out, so I expect it to be a bit quiet over here until we announce publicly. For example, the Patreon integration seems to be borked up. And there is apparently a way to tie the forum to our Wordpress install, so that’s kinda cool too but not yet installed. I think overall this will be a neat place to share ideas, help educate ourselves and others, and just have a good time dreaming of the future.


Hello SpaceMike! This is the first time I’ve used the new forum and, so far, it’s great. I really like your contributions on the show.

TMRO Discourse? Not so much…

Even though it’s not a “contest”, I do like to hear about launch totals by country for the a mid-year report would be interesting.

Keep up the great work!



Discourse is the name of the forum software :wink: just like Discord is the name of the real time chat software we use.


Still, sounds better than ‘TMRO Verbage’ :wink:


I think the Forum is gonna be a welcome addition. Especially for those people who are unable to watch & comment live during the show.


The forum has a nice look to it, but I have to say that the way replies are threaded makes me thoroughly confused. I would prefer if replies (to replies, etc) had been a little bit easier to untangle, preferably hierarchically in a way that is more clear from the layout; alternatively/also, that one might toggle between different modes, e g “all posts chronologically” OR “by branches,” so that one and the same post won’t appear multiple times in the visual flow… as it seems to do now, if you click “replies” on a post.

Or did I just miss the link to Discourse Forums for Dummies? :wink:

Also: A nightmode/dark theme would be great! (or at least something that’s easier on the eyes than FFFFFF…).


Never mind this part, I just found the setting under Preferences - Interface… :slight_smile:


not bad … how about TMRO: Com Center?


What about TMRO:Communicore?


Mmmmm a little too communist …


Sorry, its another Disney reference from Epcot :laughing:


I am on several forums… Linking the name of the forum with the software it runs on is not a good idea… cos forum software tends to be switched…from time to time…

I would say think on what you want the users to see the forum as and name it that. eg “Talk TMRO” , or “Citizen’s Log” or “Briefing Room”, “Mind Meld Media” … sorry running out of ideas :wink:


MMM … Mind Meld Media … BRILLIANT!


I look forward to your reports space mike​:blush::rocket:they are always informative and very detailed. Thank you for providing them​:+1:t3:


How was “Searching for Skylab” ?