Space News | NASA's new Lunar plans, RemoveDEBRIS and saying goodbye to Oppy


NASA is looking to send humans to go back to the moon, and this time they want to do it quickly… Within the next decade! But to get there we’ll need to make sure that we don’t have so much debris floating around the Earth that we can’t launch any rockets through! And we close with a quick tribute to the MER-B rover, also known as opportunity. As always, Dr. Tamitha Skov joins us to bring you the latest Space Weather report.


Space Debris is a serious problem and it is good to know that there are companies investing in that technology. No matter where we travel, we always leave crap behind :wink:


A very good, attention-holding Space News segment. Thank you! I like the plug for the upcoming live show (i.e. connecting and continuity). Yes, this format now allows for a more appropriate depth for stories. The approach in opening the Oppy story was perfect. Good!