Space movies - a mostly comprehensive list


Spacey friends…

If you want to join along on the space exploration journey, here is my planned viewing:

  1. October Sky

  2. Space Race [BBC] - S01, E01 - Race for Rockets -

  3. When We Left Earth, Chapter 1: Ordinary Supermen

  4. When We Left Earth, Chapter 2: Friends and Rivals

  5. School Boys who cracked the Soviet Secret - YouTube

  6. Space Race [BBC] - S01, E02 - Race for Satellites -

  7. Hidden Figures

  8. The Right Stuff

  9. From The Earth to the Moon, Can We Do This?

  10. Space Race [BBC] - S01, E03 - Race for Survival -

  11. From The Earth to the Moon, Apollo One

  12. From The Earth to the Moon, We Have Cleared the Tower

  13. From The Earth to the Moon, 1968

  14. First to the Moon

  15. From The Earth to the Moon, Spider

  16. Space Race [BBC] - S01, E04 - Race for the Moon -

  17. When We Left Earth, Chapter 3: Landing the Eagle

  18. First Man

  19. Apollo 11 (Documentary)

  20. The Dish

  21. From The Earth to the Moon, Mare Tranquilitas

  22. From The Earth to the Moon, That’s All there Is

  23. From The Earth to the Moon, We Interrupt This Program

  24. Apollo 13

  25. From The Earth to the Moon, For Miles and Miles

  26. From The Earth to the Moon, Galileo Was Right

  27. From The Earth to the Moon, The Original Wives Club

  28. From The Earth to the Moon, Le Voyage Dans l Lune

  29. In The Shadow of the Moon

  30. Last Man on the Moon

  31. Mission Control

  32. When We Left Earth, Chapter 4: The Explorers

  33. Searching for Skylab

  34. The Farthest - Voyager in Space - The Farthest -- Voyager in Space | The Farthest | PBS

  35. When We Left Earth, Chapter 5: The Shuttle

  36. IMAX Space Collection - Hail Columbia

  37. IMAX Space Collection - Dream is Alive, The

  38. IMAX Space Collection - Mission to MIR

  39. When We Left Earth, Chapter 6: A Home in Space

  40. Challenger Disaster and Investigation

  41. IMAX Space Collection - Destiny In Space

  42. Columbia - Space Shuttle Disaster

  43. Shuttle Discovery’s Historic Mission

  44. IMAX Space Collection - Blue Planet

I’ll come back later and see if I can’t put links in there for finding this media.

What’s your favorite factual/historical space film, and where does it go on the list?



BBC’s Space Race (2005) is an absolute must watch for any Spacey friends, beautifully well made and presented :slight_smile:
I’m just adding a Google Search link for the episode info

Lots of great details about the russian space program along with the american one, the massive influence of Sergei Korolev on the russian program…

@duta if your list is in chronological order (looks to be), the first two episodes should go right to the top as they start during the final years of second world war and the 3rd and fourth would go along with number 2 and 3 on your current list.

It seems some folks have them uploaded to youtube, they are showing up on the google search page, if you like to watch them and cannot get hold of them any other way.

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Another beauty I watched last year at a film festival “The Farthest” (2017)
Amazing piece of documentary story telling! it was about the voyager missions, has some amazing sound tracks, it moved me to tears by the end :sob:

Not sure where this would sit on your list, may be around number 25?

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We just watched this the other night. While it is a space film, and a very, very good one, it doesn’t align with the rest of the crewed flights discussed in the content for the rest of the list. So, I’m not sure where it should go, other than the end?


I’ve tagged these to watch later - I found them on youtube, but can’t seem to find them to purchase anywhere.


@duta I just found a quite interesting documentary from 1989 about how a British School teacher and his pupils found out the location of the then brand new and top secret Plesetsk launch site in 1966 (i guess @SpaceMike should be intersted in that…). Its from “Nova” Season 17 Episode 10, titled “The schoolboys who cracked the soviet secret”. Here’s a rip off of the episode on YouTube


Where do you think it fits in the list?


I’d say after 3) Hidden Figures and 4) Right Stuff because these movies end with the Mercury Program and the documentary starts with Sputnik but ends in 1966 (so after the Gemini Program).

The gist of the movie lies in the latter part when they found Plesetsk after many years of amateur satellite tracking.

The next numbers 6) - 10) are one block from the same series about the Apollo Programm and its apex in the Moon landings.

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Looks like we’ll have another one to add to the list :grinning:

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Made some updates. Would love to know if I’ve missed anything.