Space Geek Awards 2019 (?)


When I prepared this topic, I noticed a very similar thread (TMRO Awards 2018 - Categories? Ideas?) but then decided to create a separate entry to maybe get a bit more attention rather than just adding a comment in the existing and dated thread. I hope nobody is annoyed by this.

I recently watched Tim Dodd’s (the Everyday Astronaut) ‘fake’ award show “Astro Awards” which he posted on Youtube at the end of 2018 for the second time: YouTube

While I was watching the highly entertaining and very informative show, I thought to myself “Oh man, we should do this for real…!!!”. And indeed, at the end of the video, Tim suggested doing just that.

Then, the epic collaboration of Launchpad Astronomy, Deep Astronomy and TMRO livestreaming the Ultima Thule flyby happened. On very short notice, you guys (the TMRO Crew and the other organizers) managed to put up a real who’s who of science communicators, space afficionados and even mission experts on an epic 24 hours livestream.

Again, the Everyday Astronaut participated in this. As did Scott Manley, Isaac Arthur and many many others…

So I was thinking: If somebody wanted to put up a for-realsies award show, you (i.e.the organizers of the Ultima Thule Livestream) certainly have the connections in the community to get a whole lot of people involved in such a thing.

Also, Ben, Duta and the TMRO team certainly have the know-how to produce such a show. Just sayin…

So what we would need would be a venue (Station 204 might be a tad too small for that) and some funds, which could be aquired by crowdfunding. Again, you guys have prooved that that’s feaseable.

I am thinking along the lines (but of course a few sizes smaller) of how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association organizes and hosts the Golden Globes.

Jury members could be prominent space and astronomy science communicators as well as organizations
such as the Planetary Society and the Mars Society. It should be as international as possible and be a non profit event.

I also think no higher employees from the space industry and/or high ranking scientists from the related fields should be eligible as jury members. Lower employees are O.K. if they are space communicators - Why that distinction? Because Ben and Cariann need to be on it, that’s why… :smiley:

So in short this needs to be an award handed to high level people or organizations in the Space community by spacegeeks like us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the recipients, say a JPL team or somebody like Elon Musk came to actually get the prize at a live event? Sure, they might not send the high level people the first time around but hey, even if they send somebody from further down in the management the first time that would be great and once this grows, I’m sure the bigger fish will start to show up…

I also like that Tim Dodd remembered deceased VIPs in the Space community. Furthermore, I like how he chooses the 10 or 20 outstanding events or achievements of the past year and then creates a fitting award title rather than having a lenghty list of fixed categories he awards every year regardless of whether anything happened in this category or not.

So that way, the award show is really a relatively short best-off compliation rather than a tedious, many hours long bureaucratic affair like the Oscars and so many other award shows. Plus, there are no nominations with 3 or 4 losers in every category; there are just winners being declared (again making the show shorter and more palatable).

(A “honourable mentions” category could be added to shout out some events or people that didn’t quite made it into the awards.)

By the way: In last weeks show’s livestream, Launchpad Astronomy was in the YouTube chat. I told him about Tim’s proposal and he seemed gung ho for it…

So what do you think? Could we make this happen…???


Outsource and partner. TMRO (and a small circle of like-minded partners) could benefit by collective recognition of space-achievement. For example only: Suggestions and polling done by EvDayAstro + TMRO + LPad Astro, final editorial decision by the Directors, with an annual live/recorded show emmcee’d by EvDayAstro at the TMRO studio, with discussion only by Chris Ready + SpaceMike (not the full team). A paper or virtual award to the recipient, with a donation in their name to a deserving, disadvantaged space-organization, club or school (ie: transform our geek-filled energy into something more meaningful with a potential legacy).