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I’ve chatted to a few people about the different conferences everyone is going to this year but I figured it might be good to have one place where we list which conferences we are going to or maybe even organize TMRO meet-ups!

So with that in mind, here’s the conferences I’ll be going to in 2018. Hope to see some of you there!

  • Aerospace Futures, Canberra, Australia - July 16-19
  • Small Sat Conference, Logan, Utah, USA - August 4-9
  • IAC, Bremen, Germany (maybe) - October 1-5
  • Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, Houston, Texas, USA - November 27-28 (maybe)
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Might be cool to start a thread per-e it comes around, and anyone there can post updates in said thread.



SmallSat in Logan will blow your mind. Been twice & every time I’m boggled by what people are doing with satellites small enough to hold in your hand. Not going this year as it conflicts with my annual camping vacation…

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I’ll be working, but hopefully I’ll have time to sneak around to other exhibits to see what people are up to! My only space conference experience is IAC so I know this is going to be a completely different vibe. I’m super excited!!!

It’s a shame we won’t get to meet then - but enjoy your vacation!



I’ve attended the Suborbital Space conference twice now. I like it, it’s small, friendly, and has great content and panelists. Look forward to seeing you there.



The upcoming 2019 March Global Space Congress in UAE looks interesting with many compelling speakers planned.



I’ll be there speaking about TMRO!



Yes, I thought my post would get your attention :grinning: :grinning:
I was also just looking through old messages to give them fresh air again. Sometimes that’s a good way to energize, re-energize or strengthen a forum.



Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right that there’s going to be many exciting people speaking! I’m really excited to hear from the UAE space agency themselves and hopefully find someone willing to come on the show!



It would be great if a Citizen of TMRO were to attend a space conference that they would take pictures and video and share with the Community of TMRO, on this board and shown on the show.



@JohnnySpacer, this!



TMRO Citizens near Washington DC USA.

2019 June 4
Space Law Conference
Sponsored by American Bar Association (ie: lawyers).

I have no idea of content or quality of this one. I just thought I would begin to strengthen the thread by posting a Space conference. If anyone attends, please let us know how it goes.



2019 June 6
International Space Development Conference
Washington DC USA
Looks like a good list of speakers and topics. Anyone who attends, please update us here in the TMRO forum.

Space Forum
2019 May 21

At the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL). Space Forum is a conference based on the impact of space technologies on the earth’s businesses (mobility, IoT, connectivity, security, climate, media, earth observation…)



On that shout if any UK ones come up … I might have to touch base with AMSAT UK see what they are up too. Can’t guarantee I can attend depends on funds but with plenty of notice could :). Already planning a trip via my friends in Inverness when/if Orbex launches from Scotland :slight_smile:

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A Day Without Space
Washington, DC USA
2019 March 13 (Ouch, that’s tomorrow. Sorry, probably no time for any TMRO citizen to attend. But I thought the title sounded interesting.)



2019 International Conference on Small Satellites
Hyderabad, India
This event has already occurred, but I post it here because there seems to be a lot of workshop notes and presentation material available on their site, for tasty consumption and digestion by us TMRO space geeks. There is lots there… take a look!



  • We definitely need to watch out for this conference next year.
  • With all the listed topics, presenters and directors, I have to think there is an opportunity to strengthen the TMRO circle of global citizens and correspondents.

Conference site:



Space Access 2019 Conference
2019 April 18
Fremont CA, USA
This looks interesting. Good topics and presentations. If any TMRO citizens attend, please post your thoughts.