Space 11.31 Post Show Discussion


Hello all!

Recently we have been having some detailed post-show wrapup discussions with the whole cast and crew. I thought it would be cool to post the notes from those here and let you know some of the changes we’re working on.

This week (and likely for the next few weeks) the post show revolved around news. I want to make the news segment more conversational to allow viewer comments in and have a bit more fun. In no particular order, here are the notes:

  • “TMRO Begins RIGHT NOW” is coming back! Everyone seems to prefer that to “Welcome to the conversation”

  • Make the news more conversational!

  • Will have each host create a series of questions for CAPCOM to ask – CAPCOM will translate those questions in to their own words.

  • Will only have 1 or 2 images as covering shots. No more scripted news items. Answering the question of ‘why do I care’ for each news item up front. Really, really focusing on why.

  • Idea of having other hosts pick questions for each other… That way it is forced to be more of a conversation. Concerns with logistics on this one. Really interesting idea, we just need to execute on it right

  • Idea of having the community pick the new topic for hosts. Same deal as above, logistics issues.

  • Was going to move news to the observation lounge – Generally was not loved and will keep it on the bridge

  • Will change the camera a bit on the bridge and likely block out the windows so that set works a bit better

  • Launch Minute worked a lot better this week with the recap at the end, but we need to make that recap more conversational as well. Have some questions from CAPCOM and the community.


Blocking out completely may look weird, perhaps try 5% tint first? Enough to see that something is happening over there but not enough that it would look like 2 black void squares.


I totally agree!!!I!


Why, because it introduces the excitement that all involved with the program and the subject have