Some suggestions for the space show


I’m interested in FTL travel, there must be a lot of theoretical physicists who you could interview on this massive topic. I’m also very interested in fusion, space elevators and space habitats.

It would be great if you got an economist to give a weekly update about companies involved in space. You’ve often said that space will involve a lot more people more than astronauts and scientists, I think it’s time for an economist. This segment could also alert viewers to job opportunities.

In a similar vein I’d also like a weekly overview of asteroid mining.

How about a Kickstarter campaign? Can the mega brains at TMRO come up with something that we can fund, to make a contribution to getting off this rock, so that we can explore and live in space.

Keep up the good work, it’s very much appreciated.


As far as I’m aware FTL is very much still in the realm of Theoretical Physicists and barely even that. It’s widely regarded as not possible or requiring way more energy than we can think of generating any time soon or exotic energies that haven’t been proven to exist. So not much experimental work or theoretical work is being done on it.

My favorite Fusion effort is I think they have the best chance at generating electricity in a practical, small, and simple design. They’re way closer than the big tokamak or stellarator designs which I view as dead ends.

Space Elevators aren’t viable until we figure out how to produce very long strands of Carbon nano tubes.

I too would like segments or interviews highlighting various companies proposing, and preferable actively building and or nearing launch of private space habitats.

I don’t know if we need an economist in the show regularly but occasionally it could be interesting and if this forum gets large enough … a job postings section would be welcome.

I don’t think asteroid mining is moving fast enough for your or my liking for there to be news weekly to report. I’m fairly confident the TMRO crew are just as excited by the prospect as we are and if there was something to report weekly then they’d be reporting it.

I hesitate to turn the show into a commercial… Kickstarters are a risk… and anything they recommend or highlight could be seen as an endorsement which could come back to bite them if people get scammed… I’m not saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done… just that money can be a touchy subject. I do think space industry start ups should continue to be highlighted though.


Your ideas have merit, in a few hundred years (hopefully). FTL is nowhere near plausability, Astros mining is a concept so there are not enough updates for weekly news. For fusion factors there are a few in testing, but so far none is successful. An economist would be interesting perhaps once a year, but I’m more interested in technology than economy. The job market would be American only (only American citizens are allows to work for rocket companies), so better kept in the forum. A kickstarter for kickstarters sake is worthless… And in kickstarter you need to produce something, so indygogo would be a better choice, but then what? Give it to SpaceX or Boeing? That’s useless… Give it to a smaller company? There are so many, the majority of the tmro citizens would be dissatisfied, whichever one you choose.
I’m sorry, but as I said, your ideas are too early…


This is not true.


Then Elon Musk lied:


SpaceX is not the only US rocket company.

Besides, foreigners from certain countries (those with good relations with the US, e.g Canada, UK, Australia) CAN work in US aerospace - they just need ITAR clearance… which is annoying and time-consuming, but possible.


I stand corrected, I just thought if spacex is bound by these rules then all American companies fall under the same rules…


It’s a bit complex. Anyone not a US Citizen has to go through some serious hoops to be employed by a US Rocket company. Doesn’t make it impossible (even at SpaceX) but it does mean that hiring outside the US becomes super complex and expensive… And sometimes hiring outside of the US means that said hired employee can’t access some technical data they may need to do their daily job… So yeah, it’s not black and white like that.


Agree on all points.

Last I heard, it takes at least two months for the approvals to come through once all the paperwork is in. Crazy!


totally agree on all points too. Restrictions kinda sucks and maybe do more harm than good nowadays. Just imagine if SpaceX and other such entities could hire all brains and hands they are needed to…Sad…