SLS might be in ... more trouble


I consider this rumor. But it’s from Scott Manley so I consider it slightly more credible than your typical rumor.


I’ve suspected that we’d get 4 block 1 launches (just enough to use up all the stored space shuttle main engines) followed by program termination for a long time now.


All I want is Europa Clipper to launch on it. That’s it.


Unrelated to current topic. Jared, would it be possible for you guys to assign a number to each of your Patreon donors that also shows up before their name on screen. That way when paused (or not) it would easier to find No. 54 (for ex.) instead of hunting all over the screen for a name. Just a thought.


The Delta IV was used for the first test flight of the Orion way back in 2015. Why not use it for crewed Orion flights? At least let’s get it in space where we can do “shake down” flights.


I’m sure I saw somewhere that NASA won’t human rate the Delta IV due to the flames that go up the outside of the first stage at ignition.


the report itself

The report found that NASA will need to spend an additional $1.2 billion, on top of its existing $6.2 billion contract for the core stages of the first two SLS rockets, to reach a maiden launch date of June 2020. NASA originally planned to launch the SLS rocket on its maiden flight in November 2017.