Show Questions: Orbit 12.02


This Saturday we are chatting to Peter Beck, CEO and Founder of Rocket Lab. We’ll also be discussing SpaceX’s Starhopper and Crew Dragon mission, OSIRIS-Rex going into orbit around asteroid Bennu, and the latest discovery of Fast Radio Bursts coming from deep space!

If you can’t join us live at 18:00 UTC, leave your questions or comments here! Is there anything else you think we should talk about? Let us know!


The question I would ask is:

  • When it comes to launches by country, should Rocket Lab count as US or as New Zealand?

This is of course me raising this question yet again in the hope that TMRO will reclassify Rocket Lab launches as New Zealand now that Ben has lost his US vs China bet. I appreciate reason given - that Rocket Lab is a US based company - and I see that you have some support for that around the web. The Wikipedia 2018 in Spaceflight page classifies them as you do, but elsewhere I see a different story. Gunter’s Space Page lists Rocket Lab launches as New Zealand, and the country breakdown for the Space Launch Report does the same - looking here at the table of “Launch Total by Country of First or Core Stage Manufacture” about a third of the way down the page.

Having the man himself on the show seems like a good way of settling the question once and for all, or least of shutting up annoying people like me. :slight_smile:

Oh and Ben - are you doing the US/China launches bet again this year? Hope you win it if so.


Also - can we add Launch Minute back into the main show? It is a great summary of weekly space activity and I love having all those rocket videos at the start of the show.
I was very disappointed when there wasn’t one in 12.01


I can’t wait for this show, Peter is so great in interviews!
I’ll be out on a photoshoot late Saturday night so I doubt I’ll be able to get up at 4am for the show. But I know I’ll be watching whilst I have breakfast. Can’t wait!


Possible question for Peter Beck:
What was the most un-expected barrier you experienced to succeeding with RocketLab?
eg: funding? regulations? machine tooling? facilities? software coding? people/skills?
And how did you overcome those barriers to transform RocketLab into the success it is?