Show Item and Title formatting stuff

Ok. Right off the bat I’m gonna say that I love formatting stuff, mixed up formatting drives my OCD nuts.
Here’s a diagram I made that will help what I’m about to say:

Ever since the TMRO shows were broken apart (so 3 segments to 3 separate shows (which now in hindsight I agree with)) the formatting has been on the wonk. From the title ending in Space News, SPACE NEWS, INTERVIEW, SPACE INTERVIEW, Space Interview and several other combinations, nothing has really fitted in. The Interview shows are still using the original Number.Number episode number, whilst the shows are now split into Space News and the Space Interview. I think that it would be better if each set of Space News and Space Interview/Roundtable shows followed 1 set of Number.Number. For example, in Formula 1 each Race is called a Round, and these rounds don’t happen every week, but each round does contain A Race, a qualifying session and 3 practice sessions. I think that the shows would be easier to understand as a whole series if say this week would be Space News 12.34 and the live show would be INTERVIEW/ROUNDTABLE 12.34. The idea being the first number still being the year number, and the second number just representing the set of Space News and Space live shows for that week. Also when the shows were split up TMRO:STEAM lost it’s news segment, whilst groundbreaking things are happening in the world of STEAM. I know these shows are hard and expensive to produce, but mabey (like the STEAM shows are meant to be I think) release a STEAM News episode every month? Similar to how space news is released every week.

Everything I’ve just said was thought up last night whilst I was trying to sleep so this is just a mind spill to try and help my OCD from the mixing and matching of formatting over the episodes :smiley:.